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9 Types of Pothos for Planting in Your Home

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Pothos are ornamental plants that are easy to care for and grow. This is the reason why many beginners love growing Pothos houseplants. Here we will explain about Pothos plant variants because there are so many types of ornamental plants. Here we will look at 9 types of Pothos that you can grow at home. Among the conveniences of planting photos are as follows:

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  • It grows in hanging pots and sticks down
  • Can be grown vines on poles
  • Can grow horizontally on a table or window sill

Photos are ornamental plants that are easy to grow. It can grow in dim light, or in bright sunlight. But for best growth, you must plant it in a bright place. In addition, this ornamental plant doesn’t need regular watering, it’s just that you need to keep the soil moist, it doesn’t need to be wet.

But the best thing and the reason why many people like photos is not because they are easy to maintain, but photos have many variants that can be planted so that the garden becomes diverse. This is truly an extraordinary beauty.

1. Golden Pothos

Golden Pothos

Golden photos are ornamental plants that are commonly encountered from variants of photos. You can easily find this plant in a nursery or in a flower shop. This species has leaves that are heart-shaped or pointed at the ends with the leaves having a mixed golden yellow color.

Golden photos, also called by another name, namely “Devil’s Ivy,” this is a very tough houseplant and easy to grow and does not require difficult maintenance. Maybe, among the many variants of photos, this is the one that is very easy to grow.

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2. Marble Queen Pothos

Marble Queen Pothos
Marble Queen Pothos

Marble Queen is another variant of photos and also one of the varieties commonly found in various places. The characteristics of the Marble queen photos plant are that they have dark green leaves mixed with white or are called varigata.

The very variegated color of the leaves causes the Marble queen to grow rapidly because it lacks crorophyll in its leaves. So, one way to spur growth is to put it in full sun. You can place it on a window sill or in a fully exposed area.

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3. Neon Pothos

Neon Pothos ornamental

The Next photos variant is Neon pothos. This is a unique and unusual variant. The leaves are green with different colors between young and old. Younger leaves are brighter and older leaves have a deeper green color with a deeper neon tinge.

To produce a more striking color photo, you must plant it in a place with sufficient sunlight. If planted in a shaded place, the leaves tend to be thicker and darker.

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4. Jessenia Pothos

Jessenia Pothos

Jessenia Pothos is one variant of photos that is unique and hard to find. The Jessenia Pothos plant is characterized by heart-shaped leaves with green mixed with green color. If you find this ornamental plant, you will see the difference in its leaves from other types such as marble queen. This species also grows late because of its variegated leaves. Varigata leaves are usually deficient in chlorophyll or leaf green matter so that their growth is delayed.

5. Manjula Pothos

Types of Pothos for Planting in Your Home
Types of Pothos for Planting in Your Home

Manjula Pothos is a patented variant of the photos crop. Initially this ornamental plant was produced by the University of Florida. There are significant differences between the Manjula photos variant and other pothos. Manjula Pothos has a unique leaf shape, it is heart-shaped with curved edges.

Manjula photos also has various leaves, such as variegated colors with cream, white, silver, and green. Each leaf of the old photos is also different in character to the others, sometimes has larger green spots, sometimes has more white spots and some has more green spots and so on.

Another character that can be seen is that the old photos cannot be guessed, sometimes the white part appears green or vice versa.

6. Pearls and Jade Pothos

Pearls and Jade Pothos

Pearls and Jade Pothos are also ornamental plants that are patented and used by the University of Florida. Pearls and Jade Pothos are characterized by variegated green leaves with a mixture of gray, silver and white. This is how the Pearls and Jade Pothos plant differs from other types of photos. The leaf pattern can look different because of the many variations.

Leaf variants appear on the margins of the leaf not the entire leaf as in other photos. In addition, the whiter parts of the leaves are usually covered in gray and green. Another character in Pearls and Jade Pothos is the smaller leaf size when compared to other variants. because the leaves are varied, the growth is also quite slow.

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7. Silver/Satin Pothos

Satin Pothos
Satin Pothos

Unlike the Satin Pothos, this is another unique variant of the Photos houseplant. The character of the satin photos is the leaves are heart shaped with dark green color added with milky spots all over it. The leaves of the silver photos or satin photos plant are smaller than other types.

The sparkling leaves add to the appeal when this houseplant is grown indoors. Try planting it in a hanging pot, then placing it in full sun.

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8. N-Joy Pothos

N-Joy Pothos

N-Joy Pothos is a variant of the photos ornamental plant. These include the new types of plants and are now available in the market. The leaves are also heart-shaped with mottled or variegated color. The white variety is very dominant especially if you place it in the hot sun.

The N-Joy Pothos variant is the same as the other variants, they are classified as easy to grow plants. However, this type has a long level of development because the leaves are deficient in chlorophyll.

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9. Cebu Blue Pothos

Cebu Blue Pothos

Cebu Blue Pothos is another variant of photos crop and it is the most different from the previous ones. The leaves are arrow-shaped and dark green or dark green. In addition, there is its own uniqueness of this type, the color of the green leaves is sometimes mixed with bluish so that it exudes its own uniqueness. I am also one of those who really like this type because of its uniqueness.

Cebu blue photos when I was a baby sometimes the leaves were not clearly visible. For complete growth and the leaves form arrows properly, place this plant in a place that is exposed to full sun.

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