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3 Ways on How to Treat Toilet Tank Mold [Black and Orange Mold]

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Treating Mold Tank In Toilet – Toilet tank is a big problem for health and cleanliness if not treated properly. The problem is, the toilet tank is in a place that is always wet, dark.

In addition to influences on health, these fungi and spores also provide an unpleasant sight. So, we need to know how to clean any fungus that is either black or yellow fungus that usually grows in the toilet.

Black mold

Black mold in toilet, There are several types of black mold. Among them, there is a black mold that only grows on the porous surface. So, this type will not be in the toilet or toilet tank because the surface is slippery, on the porcelain toilet.

Another variety of balck mold is a type of black mold that usually appears on the walls of the bathroom or on the edge of the tub. Well, even if this fungus continues to be cleaned, it will still come back and appear. Why is that? The reason is because the spores that cause this fungus can exist everywhere, it can reproduce easily in the toilet, in a dark and closed place.

If it’s controlled, it’s usually not dangerous, but if you or your family are allergic to mold, this is not good. Here there are additional spores created by this substance.

Orange Mold

In addition to black mold, there are also types of fungus that usually grow around the toilet, namely orange mold. This is a pink or orange slimy fungus, it usually forms around the toilet bowl, at the top or at the height of the water. This is actually a collection of bacteria that are on the surface of the water and then a number of these bacteria settle to porcelain. Then yellow or black color is formed.

Actually, this fungus is not dangerous unless you are very sensitive to some diseases such as allergies.

How to Clean Mold from Toilet Tank or Bowl

1. Using special chemical products

There are chemicals that can help you clean mold on your toilet or toilet bowl. However, some types of products offered are usually dangerous and the price is expensive.

If you choose to use hazardous chemicals, be careful with your product, use protection such as gloves, masks or, if necessary, use ventilation so that smoke from the product can come out freely.

Do not mix any chemicals in toilet tanks or other places, because it has the potential to damage porcelain or other materials.

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2. Old-fashioned Bleach

In addition to using special chemicals, you can also use ancient bleach to clean spores and mold that are sticky to your porcelain. Habit, expensive products provided in stores are made from bleach. Bleach specifically for this fungus can kill toilet mold.

Take a spray bottle and fill the bleach with water in a ratio of 1:10. This is sprayed on the surface of the toilet bowl and other places filled with mold, so the fungus will soon be able to clean easily. If some time in the future, this type appears again, then you can clean it again by adding more bleach than you used the first time.

This bleach mixture is then added to the toilet tank, stirring it, and left in a closed bowl for about an hour.

Without using a spray bottle, you can also use toilet bleach to clean black or orange mold. The trick is to flush the bowl or wall with water first. Then you can rub the bleach using an old brush. Do cleaning like this about once a week to maintain cleanliness.

3. Vinegar and Baking Soda

If you want to clean the toilet tank with vinegar, the method is the same as the procedure for cleaning using bleach. But for vinegar it doesn’t need to be mixed with water because it isn’t as hard as bleach.

Put one cup of vinegar in the toilet tank, and one cup in the toilet bowl. Sprinkle baking soda in a bowl and make sure to apply some to the underside of the ream. When this mixture has started to sizzle, cover and leave for one hour.

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If so, use a toilet brush to brush the inside, rubbing and waiting 15 minutes, then flush. You can also prevent the appearance of mold by putting a cup of vinegar each week in the tank.

That’s the way to clean black mold in toilet and how to clean orange mold by using chemicals or vinegar and baking powder.