Rose of Sharon Tree

Rose of Sharon Tree, Tree That Is Late Bloomer

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Rose of Sharon trees has the Latin name “Hibiscus syriacus” which is a bush plant. However, you can make it like a tree by trimming a few stems and leaving a large stem. This is a beautiful and beautiful plant

The flowers that bloom simultaneously give beauty to your landscape. Rose of Sharon or known Hibiscus syriacus will bloom in the spring and early summer. This bush plant gives its own value to you when it arrives at its bloom.

Rose of Sharon Tree is late of bloomer plant, besides this, there are several other types of plants that are similar to Rose of Sharon and provide extraordinary beauty.

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1. It is Rose of Sharon’s “Blue Chiffon”

Blue flowers are very popular and become icons for meditation gardens. Some of them consider this color cool and amazing. Developers of plants with blue flowers exert a lot of energy to develop blue flowering plants. This shows that plants with blue flowers have more appeal and much interest.

Blue chiffon flowers bloom in mid-summer until the fall season. The petals in the flowers that surround the stamen cause this flower to be very beautiful. Inner petals provide extraordinary appeal to the rose of Sharon.

The Rose of Sharon Tree

2. Rose of Sharon “Sugar Tip”

Another variant of the Rose of Sharon tree is the “sugar tip”. He has double flowers in pink. However, the sugar tips variant is not only famous for the beauty of the flowers but also the charming of its leave. The edge of the leaf is white, because this is why it is called a sugar tip.

Rose of Sharon plants are appreciated for their beautiful flowers, but this variety is not only that but also because the leaves are beautiful to look at.

3. Rose of Sharon Information

Some people consider Rose of Sharon to be just an unsuccessful shrub. However, if they see from the other side, maybe the Rose of Sharon will provide many benefits, especially in arranging artistic landscape on the north side of the page. Rose of Sharon has a variety of colors including pink. When it blooms simultaneously, these flowers offer beauty and admiration and make your landscape more valuable.

Rose of Sharon Tree flower

The beauty of Rose of Sharon planted on the fence will provide coolness to the eyes. However, this will not last long because the interest will fall one by one. If you want, you can prune your plants in late winter or early spring. With a little pruning, it will give birth to a new branch with more beautiful flowers.

4. Rose of Sharon is Althea

“Althea” is another name for the Rose of Sharon plant in general. The flowers also have similarities with Hibiscus syriacus. The name Syriacus occurs because this flower is considered a native of Syria.