How To Repel Sweat Bees, how to get rid of sweat bees

Keeping Sweat Bees Away! How To Repel Sweat Bees

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How to get rid of sweat bees effectively? Sweat bees are the real enemy at the end of the summer, when summer is over, the sweat bees will arrive a lot and this is really not a good sight.

The little sweat bees look back and forth in front of your face. Even worse, it lands on your hand or face. Here’s a glimpse of when summer will end.

One thing for sure, the existence of sweat bees is really very annoying. Then we must know how to get rid of sweat bees.

Sweat Bees: Natural Pollination Machines

Sweat bees are of many types, there are around 1200 types of sweat bees, and all of them belong to the Halictidea family.

We must realize that sweat bees have great benefits for nature, it is a pollinating machine in nature. All fruits occur from flowers through the process of pollination and sweat bees are the ones that control this great task.

In contrast to other animals and bees that only pollinate certain flowers. Sweat bees performs on all types of flowers in nature. That is why, he is one of the animals that has a great influence on the survival of ecosystems in this world. They pollinate thousands of flowers so that from year to year there are always living plants and replacing dead plants.

So, we recommend not to kill sweat bees, if you don’t like the tone and feel annoyed with this small and smart animal, don’t kill it. So, the best way to avoid sweat bees is to chase them away, not kill them. Killing sweat bees will only damage the environment and make thousands of flowers unable to carry on his life.

In this article we will review about how to get rid of sweat bees away from your sight and no longer disturb you as a family at home.

How to repel sweat bees efectively

How To Repel Sweat Bees

Sweat bees are animals that like salt, and the easiest salt to find in nature is human sweat. So, every time you sweat, a bee will come.

That is why, this star is called Sweat bees, so there is a reason why the name is so.

There are a number of proven effective ways to get rid of sweat bees in the summer. Here are some of the best ways to get rid of sweat bees if you feel disturbed by this small animal.

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1. Keep your surrounding ground closed

One effective way to dispel and prevent the arrival of sweat bees is to keep the porch ground and around your house covered with grass or other objects.

This is the best defense system you can do so that sweat bees don’t make a nest around your house. Unlike honey bees, sweat bees make a nest on the ground and it is a lone insect, different from honey bees that live in groups.

So, sweat bees really like the land and they make their home there. Ground tutu on the terrace, yard and side of the house to prevent these animals from coming.

If you plant flowers in a garden, add thick mulch from straw or wood chips to cover the soil. Besides being able to ward off sweat bees, the use of mulch can also encourage the maintenance of soil moisture, preventing weed growth. Apart from that, this is also good for a healthy environment.

Now, when all parts of your land are covered, the sweat bees will look for another place to make the nest, and the further they make the nest, the less potential they fly to your house.

2. Use Mint to Get Rid of Sweat Bees

Use Mint to Get Rid of Sweat Bees

Bees, including sweat bees are not happy with the smell of mint including insects as a whole. This is a good idea to plant mint in pots in front of your house or on the porch, on your patio and yard. Mint plants will be a barrier they come to your home.

You can also plant peppermint in a small pot on the dining table indoors or outdoors. This can also be a barrier for them to fly in your room. Spearmint can also be another look that can ward off sweat bees.

Another way to get rid of sweat bees is by pounding mint leaves and rubbing them on your body. You will not smell it, but insects including sweat bees really feel it and stay away from you.

Now that mint oil is available, you can put this oil in a spray bottle and spray several times in the room, besides being able to clean the air, mint spray is also good for dispelling sweat bees. If you want to get one, you can get it on Amazon.

get rid of sweat bees with mint


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3. Fans, move the Air

Fans, move the Air for getting rid sweat bees

Using a fan is one of the techniques to get rid of sweat bees easily. Good air circulation can prevent the arrival of these small insects.

These insects in the Halictidea family are very interested in moisture, scattered liquids, salt and sweat. By turning on the fan, we expect it to dry up and free air to run. Good air circulation will prevent sweat odor and make sweat bees not interested in coming.

If the air in your room is gentle, good circulation then sweat bees do not need to be removed because they do not like clean places with good air circulation.

How To Repel Sweat Bees, how to get rid of sweat bees

These are some effective ways to get rid of sweat bees from your room. We can easily get rid of it without having to attack it or spray it. Sweat bees are small animals that are responsible for a lot of pollination in this world, so get rid of them by keeping our environment clean and air flowing so they don’t like our place.