How to Remove Paint From Plastic

Ways on How to Remove Paint From Plastic

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Eliminating paint on plastics is not the same as removing paint on other objects such as wood, metal, ceramics, because plastic needs more attention and must be done with care. If not, then the plastic can be damaged.

Indeed, there are solvents out there that can be used but if not right then it can make your plastic melt or damage. So, before removing paint on plastic, make sure you use the right products and safe.

Next we look at some steps separately to remove paint on the plastic easily.

1. Use a paint scraper

Scraper can sometimes remove paint on plastic, but not every time. For this job, you can use a putty knife or razor. But you must pay attention to how to scrape the paint properly, don’t put too much pressure on the paint.

Likewise when using a razor, be careful. For knives, this is only the last alternative if the other ingredients don’t work well. For example, you are dealing with thick or hard and dry paint.

2. Try using vegetable oil

Vegetable oil is good for loosening paint on plastics, applying vegetable oil on plastic surfaces that are exposed to paint, waiting for the paint to disappear. If after this you have not succeeded in eliminating the method in plastic, then you should try another method.

3. Use nail polish remover

Nail polish remover, rubbed with a tissue in an infected place. If the paint doesn’t come off, wait 10 minutes for the nail polish remover to dissolve with paint. Next, rub the plastic surface again with a tissue.

4. Use denatured alcohol

How to remove paint on plastic can also be done by using alcohol. The alcohol you use is denatured alcohol, this effectively removes paint on the plastic.

It should be noted, this method only works well if you use it on latex-based and not oil-based ingredients.

However, the use of “denatured alcohol” must be careful because it is more dangerous for health. So, if you take this method, you must prepare yourself safely. Use gloves before you use solvents, this aims to prevent your hands from being in direct contact with hands.

You should work in a well-ventilated room or you can also do it in the other room. If in the room, you must keep the air clean. For example using a fan, or opening a window so that free air in and out.

If you have prepared yourself safely. Now you have to dissolve the car by applying large amounts of denatured alcohol. Wait for how many minutes until the paint is thick and plastic.

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5, Rub the area affected by paint

If you have already removed most of the paint, now you have to remove it thoroughly. Pour in hot water on the sponge and add a little detergent.

To remove paint, use alcohol sponges or other chemicals, including paint residues.