Rare Flowers in India

15 Rare Flowers in India

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Most of us must have flowers, but did you know that there are many types. There are many species of flowers that we don’t know the name of or even we haven’t seen. Below we will mention some of India’s rare flowers!

Flowers are the essence of natural beauty and are a sign of beauty and a symbol of beauty in the world. Indians say that flowers are important and they usually offer them to the gods. But in India there are many flowers which are both very popular and unpopular. Here we will see many unique and rare flowers and many who do not know about them.

1. Flame Lily

Flame Lily rare flower in india

Flame Lily grows as a perennial herb with wavy petals and colors that are orange, red, and even a mixture of yellow undertones. The flower petals consist of six layers arranged alternately. In many Ayurvedic verses, the power of this flower has been seen and read, including the Charaka Samhita, and it can treat inflammation. Treat skin disorders, arthritis, itching and wounds.

2. Mountain Balsam

mountain balsam flower

This flower is yellow-orange impatiens monticola, at first glance it looks like Impatiens mengtszeana.

It grows in the form of bunches and is located in the axils of the upper leaves with the addition of a green and spear-shaped bract at the base or base.

3. Shirui lily

Shirui lily

One of India’s rare flowers is Shirui lily, it is only open during the rainy season in June and July. The flower is only found in the Ukhrul district of Manipur in India. The color is like pale white but the petals are blue-pink and pale. In addition, there is a mixture of red-purple spots at the base of the flower.

4. Striped Dewflower

Striped Dewflower

There is also a rare flower in India, the name is Striped Dewflower. The petals are thin white in the middle. Flowers come in an orange-yellow color. The flowers bloom from spring to summer. This rare flower comes from the southern part of India.

5. Law’s Ceropegia

Law's Ceropegia

Law’s Ceropegia is a rare flower in India, this flower is not only rare but also includes flowers that are blessed with extraordinary beauty. Law’s Ceropegia is shaped like a long tube with a white color. The top is very elegant with an ivory purple color. There are five lobes that curve inward and it looks like a closed bowl.

Not only rare, this flower also includes flowers that are on the verge of extinction. It can be found in the Sahyadri area or the Western Ghats.


6. Queen of the night

Queen of the night

This flower is called the night expression because it only blooms at night. The flowers are trumpet-like consisting of waxy petals, with a cream color. The charm of flowers reaches its peak at night, and at that time they also release a wonderful sweet aroma and this is useful for attracting pollinators.

7. Rebe

Rebe rare flower in india

Initially, the rebe was a type of flower that was considered extinct, but later the Rebe was rediscovered in the national park of Arunachal Pradesh. Rebe has two sepals and petals, ranging in color from pink to ivory with golden stamens in the center. Despite its beauty, the Rebe is a flower of eccentric beauty and potent medicinal value.

8. Long Flowered Spider Lily

Long Flowered Spider Lily

This is another rare flower in India with six lobes with green in the middle. The petals in milky white color are rather narrow and curved outward. In the middle there is also a yellow stamen and this complements it well.

9. Titan Arum

Titan Arum

Titan Arum is a rare flower and one of the rare ones in India although there are also in other countries such as Indonesia. It is very unique, this flower is only open for 48 hours, and smells like rotting meat. The purpose of this smell is to attract insects to come.

The color of this large flower is green on the outer petals, and burgundy on the inside, its height is 10 feet.

10. Candy Cane Sorrel

This flower is milky white, with dark red edges, so it looks like candy. That’s why it’s called Candy.

It is a plant from South Africa and it is open during spring and even in winter in some areas. The shoots close during the cold weather.

11. Kakabeak


The kakabeak is the name of another flowering plant that is rare in India. Kakabeak plant blooms during summer, its name “Kakabeak” is due to its beak-like shape with purple red accents. However, not all of them have the same color, some are cream in color.

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12. Jade Vine

Jade Vine as rare flower in india

Jade vine is a rare flower in India, it is green like jade so its name is called Jade Vine. This jade-like color is due to the presence of pigments called saponarins and malvin.

During this time, the flowers decline rapidly due to increased pollination. Pollination is usually done by animals such as bats.

13. Yakla Snow Lotus

Yakla Snow Lotus

This is another rare flower in India, it comes from areas close to the Himalayas and Sikkim at an altitude of 3000 above sea level. This flower really stands out for its stunning architectural appearance. The flower color is dark purple and surrounded by rosette bracts of purple color.

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14. Hairy Toad Lily

Hairy Toad Lily

Why is it called “Hairy Toad Lily”, this is because all parts of the plant consist of a hairy structure. This flower grows in white to purple oucat. The petals consist of old spots so that it looks more beautiful.

15. Yellow Ghost Orchid

Yellow Ghost Orchid rare plant in india

The yellow ghost orchid is a flower plant that grows in the eastern Himalayas and southern India. Why is it called a ghost? This is due to its sudden appearance. On the lower lid there are thin bracts and long tendrils that dip in such a way and this then gives a cute visual and looks unique.