Purple Waffle Plant

Purple Waffle Plant (Red Ivy) Profile

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The purple waffle plant is an annual plant that is often referred to as “red ivy”. Often used as an ornamental plant indoors or outdoors. Purple waffle is a plant with red leaf color and it has room purifying benefits. That is why many of these plants are planted indoors. The red ivy plant is one of 30 plant species belonging to the same family in tropical Asia. This plant has purple leaves on the bottom and green on the top. On each leaf there are wrinkles, this is great at enhancing air purification.

Here we will learn how to grow purple waffle or H. alternata plants. Let’s bush until it’s finished.

Botanical Name Hemigraphis alternata
Common Name Purple Waffle Plant
Plant Type Houseplant or annual
Mature Size 6 inches tall and 8 inches wide
Sun Exposure Medium to high light
Soil Type Rich and moist
Soil pH Slightly acidic to neutral
Flower Color White (flowers are insignificant)
Bloom time Summer
Hardiness Zones 10 to 11 (USDA)
Native Area India, Java, Malaysia

How to Grow Purple Waffle Plants

Purple waffle plants are unique and exotic plants, these plants can also add to the beauty of your landscape. Growing this plant is very easy and it can grow quickly. There are two important factors that must be present in growing a purple waffle. Both are warm temperatures and regular watering. However, waffles like moist and fertile soil.

Purple waffle plant is a plant that is quite interesting to place in a hanging pot or on the terrace (in a pot). When in the garden together with other tropical plants, it will show its beauty more and it can cover the ground well. This will prevent grass and weeds from growing.

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One of the most enjoyable things about growing a purple waffle plant is that it is easy to grow. It doesn’t need as much maintenance as other plants. However, sometimes this plant has enemies such as whitefly and scales.

Purple Waffle Plant


Purple waffle plants need light but cannot tolerate direct light. That is why it must be planted on the terrace or indoors. If exposed to direct light, the edges of the leaves will be scorched. Apart from getting light from the sun, purple waffle plants can also grow well under artificial lights.


What about the land? Purple waffle plants just need to be planted in pots because they can be moved around as you wish.

If planting on open land, you must use fertilizer and compost to enrich the soil nutrients. If it is in a pot, then you can easily control the fertilizer and the fertilizer will be maximized.


Purple waffle plant is a plant that likes moisture, but it hates stagnant water. So, water regularly if you see the soil has started to dry out.

If irrigation is not good in your area, you can simply use water-absorbing crystals in the soil near these plants, this will make the soil moist longer.

Temperature and Humidity

For those who want to plant a purple waffle plant, the humidity factor is an important thing to pay attention to. If winter is coming, immediately enter the waffle plant into the room. Increase humidity around the plant by planting other plants on the side. It can also increase irrigation, if planted outdoors, look for a place where the water flows like trenches and others, of course, make this plant protected from direct light.


If we look at their natural habitat, purple waffle plants grow under other plant shrubs or under dense forests. This plant gets a lot of nutrients from rotting leaves. So, if we plant in our environment, give fertilizer according to the instructions. You can try A slow-release 6-12-6 houseplant fertilizer, this fertilizer will stimulate the purple waffle plant to grow well and be fertile, it is rich in nitrogen, potassium, phosphate, to improve the health of the waffle plant.

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Potting and Repotting

Purple waffle plants sometimes grow quickly and fill your pot. So, when a lot of roots are visible and look out of the drainage hole, replace it with a larger pot.

Pay attention when moving plants, when you open or remove plants from old pots, do not hold onto purple waffle stems. The stem breaks easily so you should be careful about this. The best way to get a plant out of the old pot is to turn the pot upside down, and tapping it from the bottom of the old pot will drain the plant and soil. Do this carefully, to keep the purple waffle plant healthy.

How to Propagate Purple Waffle Plants

The distribution of purple waffle plants is usually with a root system. His fingers propagate from the ground through the vines of his roots. This kind of spread is very easy to multiply plants. You just need to uproot each new plant body at the root.

When you cut the branches that are in the ground, you have to quickly put them in the pot filled with water that has been watered. The goal is that the soil becomes moist. Continue to maintain this moisture until the new plants show new growth.