Best Purple Tulips to Grow

Seven Best Purple Tulips to Grow

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Best Purple Tulips – One type of tulip that goes well with all other types of flowers is the purple tulip. That is why purple tulips are the best tulips to grow and they are a great idea for garden designers. When the purple tulip is planted among other plants, it is matched with a variety of other colored flowers and gives off its own special interest.

To grow tulips from bulbs, you have to wait for November to December when the weather is cold. The goal is that the tulip tubers are not infected with fungi or diseases.

Below we take a look at the best types of purple tulips to grow:

1. Tulipa ‘Queen of Night’

Queen of Night tulip
Queen of Night tulip

Queen of Night is a purple flowered tulip with a single flower. He is similar to a black hero. The flowers are dark purple and the top of the petals sometimes looks faded. Grown neatly from a single plant with green stems and leaves, it goes well with pink or white tulips.

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2. Tulipa ‘Arabian Mystery’

Best Purple Tulips to Grow
Best Purple Tulips to Grow

Another type of purple tulip that is suitable for planting is the ‘Arabian Mystery’. The flowers are single and attractive to the eye, the petals are purple and have white edges. Very good when combined with forget-me-nots.

3. Tulipa ‘Cafe Noir’

Tulip Cafe Noir Tulips
Tulip Cafe Noir Tulips

Cafe Noir is a purple tulip plant with the darkest flowers. It is the best tulip for you to grow and can be combined with bright flowering plants for a contrasting look.

4. Tulipa ‘Black Parrot’

Tulipa 'Black Parrot'
Tulipa ‘Black Parrot’ purple tulips

Black Parrot is a type of purple tulip with purple flowers mixed with red or a blood red color. This tulip has distinct flowers with serrated edges like the tail of a Parrot. This purple tulip works well with other white tulips such as ‘Tres Chic’ and ‘Spring Green’.

5. Tulipa ‘Uncle Tom’

Tulipa 'Uncle Tom'
Tulipa ‘Uncle Tom’

Uncle Tom, that’s the name of this purple tulip. The shape is almost round or fat, maybe that’s why it’s called Uncle Tom. This flower is perfect for making cut flowers, and is great when grown alongside orange tulips like ‘Orange Princess’.

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6. Tulipa ‘Rems Favorite’

Tulipa Rems Favourite

Rems Favorite is purple tulip mixed with white. The flowers are white with purple streaks present. To grow them, they are great for planting together with other tulips such as Persian fritillaries.

7. Tulipa ‘Magic Lavender’

Tulipa Rems Favourite

Next up, the best purple tulips to grow in is Magic Lavender. Magic Lavender is a reddish purple flowering tulip. This plant is very beautiful when planted in large quantities in the yard or in large flowerbeds.

Those are the 7 best types of purple tulips to plant in your home. How? Do you already have one of these types of tulips or not. You can get it at various online flower shops.