Plants To Grow in Bog Gardens

10 Plants To Grow in Bog Gardens

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To decorate your bog we recommend plants with colorful flowers and leaves. We will write here about Plants To Grow in Bog Gardens. Its good for your garden with bog. Let see more!

Planting these plants is very important for those of you who have bog land. Don’t leave the bog abandoned, but you can plant plants that grow in the following bog gardens, not only beautiful but make your bog more valuable.

You can plant towering gunnera plants with a green and dramatic leaf architecture, you can also plant purple loosestrife plants, this will attract lots of wildlife to come there. To be more complete, plant snowy-white blooms of zantedeschia, it will continue to flower and decorate your bog garden because it will continue to flower throughout the season.

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If your land does not fully meet the criteria for bog plants, you can slightly change and dig the soil and use plastic so that the soil is always wet there so it is similar to real swamps. If the place is very wet you can build a barrier with wood or by using bricks. Next we see plants for planting in swamp gardens.

1. Gunnera manicata

Large, thick leaves are perfect for decorating the back of your artificial marsh or bog. When it is autumn, fold the dead leaf over its crown to protect it.

Plants To Grow in Bog Gardens
Gunnera manicata,

2. Iris pseudacorus ‘Variegata’

This leaf stands upright like a sword, the leaves are marked with cream lines. The flowers are bright yellow, and usually appear in the month of Mai. This is one of the plants that is suitable for planting in bog, including your swamp gardens.

Iris pseudacorus ‘Variegata’

3. Ligularia

Liguria is a plant that is suitable for planting in bogs gardens. Large jagged leaves with mahogany at the bottom. This is a yellow nail plant that grows tall and it can give an impression and add drama to the bog boundaries.


4. Zantedeschia aethiopica

In addition to the above plants, you can also try to plant plants that are more sophisticated and suitable for bogs land. This is Zantedeschia aethiopica. The leaves are green like the shape of an arrow, it is decorated with elegant white flowers. If you go in winter, to keep it from dying, then you can cut it in winter.

Zantedeschia aethiopica
Zantedeschia aethiopica

5. Rodgersia pinnata

Flowers seem like foam, it is pinkish rather whitish and this is amazing. Large leaves such as horse chestnut-like leaves, this is one of the reasons why you should plant Rodgersia pinnata in areas with wet drainage or your bogs.

Rodgersia pinnata

6. Astilbe chinensis

To further decorate your bog garden, try planting Astilbe chinensis around large leafy plants such as gunnera. The leaves with fine feathers and purple and divided leaves, really very impressive to be planted at the border of your bog.

Astilbe chinensis

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7. Lythrum salicaria

Next, the plant for your bog garden is Lythrum salicaria. This plant is hard with upright stems, and long-lasting flowers can give a beautiful impression throughout the season in the bog garden. Lythrum salicaria plants can attract many birds and bees to come to him.

Lythrum salicaria

8. Cornus alba

Cornus alba also includes plants that can be collaborated in your bog garden. When the warm season begins to disappear and winter, the red stems of the Cornus alba plant begin to give color in winter. In spring, it is recommended that you cut old or dull stems to stimulate new stem growth and build bushes in bog gardens.

Cornus alba

9. Typha minima

Typha minima plants have delicate leaves with classic bulrush flowers. This is different from Typha gracilis which is bigger, Typha minima is smaller and it does not take over completely in your wetlands.

Typha minima
Typha minima

10. Salix vitellina ‘Britzensis’

To give interest in the next winter, you can plant Salix vitellina itz Britzensis ’, this will give the beauty of the yellow stems to the gold in winter. When spring comes, you cut some of the stems to stimulate the growth of new stems or branches.

Salix vitellina ‘Britzensis’, Plants To Grow in Bog Gardens
Plants To Grow in Bog Gardens

Those are some plants to be planted in a bog garden, these plants will give a beautiful and authoritative impression on your swamp garden. If you don’t have a natural swamp garden, you can make it by digging in the ground and using plastic to hold water and give some stones or bricks to give a beautiful accent.