How to Plant Grass Seed

How to Plant Grass Seed, See Step by Step

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To make the garden be green can be done by planting grass seeds. But do you already know how to plant grass seed? If you don’t know, we have prepared step by step to green your home garden with grass seeds.

Just follow the method below, hopefully can help you in planting your favorite grass seeds.

5 Steps on How to Plant Grass Seed

Planting grass or sowing in the yard is very easy to do and can be done by anyone, but there are ways you can succeed. If you want to successfully plant grass seeds you can follow the steps step by step below so the results are satisfying.

Step 1 – Buy quality grass seeds

To get good grass, we have to plant good seeds, this is the main secret. Look for seeds with NTEP values, these are seeds that have been evaluated independently and have been given a special increase by the National Turf Evaluation Program, (NTEP). NTEP’s rating on grass is that it shows the type of grass that has been propagated and produces superior green grass, it is resistant to disease and insects and is resistant to drought.

Buying grass seeds is much cheaper compared to a lot of time spent building good lawns. So, you need quality seeds for maximum effort and satisfying results.

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Step 2 – Prepare the grass planting area

To plant new grass you need land in accordance with the area of ​​grass that you are going to plant. The land preparation process includes:

  • Loosen the top part of the ground about 2 to 3 inches
  • Remove debris, gravel, stones, from existing areas.
  • Destroy solid soil or hard lumps to make it level
  • Avoid soil that is too fine
  • Increase the portion of the soil that is likely to inundate water
  • Do not use weed killers, either before or after the spread of grass seeds

For overseeding an existing lawn:

  • Cut the grass as short as possible
  • Loosen parts of the 1/4 inch bag in the empty parts
  • Get rid of debris and dead grass
  • Increase the part of the soil that makes the water stagnant, add another soil and the top use a subgrade that has spread the seeds of grass (possibly grass seeds are still there)
  • After the grass seed has shown growth, use a fertilizer such as GreenView Fairway Formula Seeding Success

Step 3 – Plant grass seeds

  • Spread the grass seeds evenly on the ground surface
  • If only for a small area, spread the grass with your hands
  • If planting grass in large areas, use a mechanical seeder
  • Spread about 16 seeds for 1 square inch. Don’t spread too much grass close together, this will cause the grass to struggle with each other to get nutrients, and this will have the potential to deplete the grass in this area.

Step 4 – Cover the seeds

After all the land has been distributed with quality grass seeds, now cover a little part of the surface of the soil, you can use 1/4 inch of soil to cover the spread of grass seeds.

Expanse of grass seeds can be covered with GreenView Fairway Formula Seeding Success, to hold the seeds from moving and to maintain soil moisture.

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Step 5 – Water often

Another thing that is no less important in planting grass seeds is watering, do regular and good watering.

Keep the grass seeds moist and accelerate the germination process

Flush gently and don’t water with a strong spray of water, do the grassing once a day until the grass has a height of two inches.

Best Time to Plant Grass Seed

Another important thing is knowing when is the best time to plant grass seeds, this will encourage your success in greening your garden.

So, the best time to plant grass seeds is in spring and fall. This will usually give good results for grass growth. So pay attention to the time, do not just plant, because these natural factors determine the success or failure of your business.

If you plant in season, then don’t use weed control products for your grass. Postpone the use of weed control products until the grass seeds germinate and you’ve already cut the grass at least 3 times.

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However, if you plant grass seeds in the fall, follow weed prevention measures, and seed grower time to let the grass germinate completely before the coming of freezing temperatures in your area.

Thus the best time to plant grass seeds, there are two times, spring and autumn. But follow the procedure that we mentioned above.