How to Grow a Paw Paw Tree

Pawpaw Seeds: How to Grow a Paw Paw Tree

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Asimina triloba is another name for pawpaw. This is the largest fruit crop from North America and tastes like the taste of fruit from the tropics with its custardy texture. This tree cultivated from the seeds, pawpaw seeds are one best methode to use in cultivation.

Are you confused? It is possible because there are many types of large fruit like this categorized as pawpaw. There are many tropical fruits that are called pawpaw like papaya, carica papaya, soursop, graviola, and Annona muricata.

Unlike the tropical fruit, pawpaw or asimina triloba grows in a special area, namely the USDA Hardiness Zones 5-9, and it has advantages in three ways:

Asimina triloba is a perennial plant with a strong, dense texture and grows as a bush or as a tree.

Fruit is the only choice in this plant because it cannot pollinate independently. Pollination must have help from humans, or other creatures.

The fruit will be found in spring. For those who want to plant pawpaw or asimina triloba, keep watching this article. We will explain how to plant a pawpaw from its seeds.

Use with caution

This Pawpaw is also popularly known as “Indiana banana,” “Quaker delight,” “poor man’s banana,” “Appalachian banana”. It belongs to the plant in the Annonaceae group, or belongs to the custard apple family. graviola, Annona cherimola, soursop, and A. muricata.

Pawpaw fruit contains annonacin compounds, the taste is very interesting, there are even people who consume it and cause a distended stomach. The cause is the compound earlier.


The fruit can be eaten but must be careful because there are cases of intestinal irritation, abdominal pain due to consuming asimina asimina triloba. The twigs and pulp contain acetogenins, this is a metabolic compound that is known to be beneficial because it is dangerous against several types of cancer.

If you want to consume pawpaw, you must be careful because some people can experience allergies, neurotoxic effects, and or even vomit.

Pawpaw fruit will soon disappear if it is ripe from the tree. Now this fruit is only considered as an ordinary commodity. But usually, these trees are only planted by small farmers and they supply their crops to the farmers market.

In addition to fresh fruit, pawpaw is also available in capsule form. Capsules from pawpaw are made to maintain the health of body cells. From the horticulture department, professor Bruce Bordelon agrees with the opinion that says “When it comes to pawpaw, perhaps it is best to enjoy the fruit in moderation.”

Pawpaw Seeds, Fruits, Leave, and Bark

Pawpaw is a plant that is rarely planted because there is no optimal use of yield. In fact, many plants live in the wild, and if local people, especially Americans, need them, they just go to the forest to look for them.

Then the development of the industry makes a processing plant from this pawpaw plant. They use ripe fruit flesh as jam. At that time the interest of the population began to be excited in planting this plant. However, there are obstacles where pawpaw does not last at all. The fruit only lasts for two days and then it will rot so that its utilization is still less than optimal. While in the world of health, bark, pawpaw seeds are used as homeopathic medicines, ranging from insecticides to emetics.


For those of you who want to grow this pawpaw tree, it is very important to pay attention to what requirements are needed for pawpaw seeds to grow and produce successfully.

1. Good soil for planting pawpaw seeds

Pawpaws need moist soil with a neutral pH, and a little acid which is rich in organic matter and rather acidic. To get to the ground and do a test, you can contact your local agricultural extension office. If your soil is not as expected, add compost, organic material, so that the soil is really what it needs.

2. Select the planting location

To plant pawpaw well, the land and location must also be right. You must choose a location full of sunlight. But a little protected either by building walls, fences, or protected by bushes. The aim is that strong winds do not knock down the trunk, usually the wind can make branches break and knock it down.

3. Pollination and Fruit

You must be interested in pawpaw fruit, you should know this because pollination must be helped by humans. This plant cannot develop by itself.

The spacing between trees is about 30 feet, and you should plant 2 or 3 trees so that we can be sure of the results.

Information from horticulturists at the Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center in Texas, they explained that the pawpaw tree has many flowers that cannot be self-pollinated. The main pollination is carried out by flies, beetles. Farmers can also pollinate or make something that can attract as many flies as possible.

Other pollination methods can also be done by using a brush, done from one tree to another, of course done by the farmers themselves.