List of The Best Orange Tulips for Growing

List of The Best Orange Tulips for Growing

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Best orange tulips – Orange tulips are a popular flower plant for their graceful colors that go well with the hues of spring and summer. Its orange and white to brass tones give it a summer feel. In this article, we compile a list of orange tulip plants that are suitable for cultivation and that are selling well on the market.

If you are picking tulips for decoration or other purposes. You should leave plenty of leaves on the stem. This plant will continue to photosynthesize and can produce many other flowers at a later date. After picking the orange tulip, put it in a bucket of water so that it doesn’t wither easily, leaving one leaf on the stem to keep the flower fresh.

Here are a few types of orange tulips that are great for growing in the garden or in pots.

1. Tulipa ‘Flamboyant’

Tulipa ‘Flamboyant’
Tulipa ‘Flamboyant’ is best tulips

This is a single flowered tulip with a graceful appearance. The petals are red-orange and the edges are faded and faded. This beautiful nuance is even more attractive when paired with purple tulips or pink tulips, if you wish you can combine them with “Uncle Tom” and “Don Quichotte”.

2. Tulipa ‘Bestseller’

Tulipa 'Bestseller', Best Orange Tulips to Grow

Best seller is another name for the tulip variant. This breed also has single flowers with a pale orange color. But there is a little red and yellow collaboration. This type is perfect when grown with white tulips or with spring flowers, it will give a more beautiful and attractive color impression.


3. Tulipa ‘Cairo’

Tulipa Cairo plant

“Cairo” is a type of tulip with dark orange flowers accented with blackish red. This breed is great for growing with more intense tulips like ‘Black Parrot’.

4. Tulipa ‘Orange Princess’

Tulipa 'Orange Princess'
Tulipa ‘Orange Princess’

Orange Princess is a tulip with double flowers, and the color of the flowers is orange with a purplish blend. The sparkle in courting provides its own beauty and added value in the beauty of the tulip plant. These can be dramatic cut flowers.

5. Tulipa ‘Ballerina’

Tulipa 'Ballerina'
Tulipa ‘Ballerina’

Ballerina is a type of tulip with cup-shaped flowers. The petals are slightly longer with an orange color. This flower has its own fragrance. Planting a type of ballerina gets not only its beauty but also its fragrance. If you combine the planting with Briza media, it will look even more attractive.

6. Tulipa ‘Typhoon’

Tulipa 'Typhoon', Best Orange Tulips to Grow

The Typhoon is a unique type of tulip, its shape is like a cup with a pointed section. Typhoon plants are great for growing in front of mixed herb borders.

7. Tulipa ‘Prinses Irene’

Tulipa 'Prinses Irene'

The Irene tulip is a beautiful type of tulip plant with a single flower that is larger in size than the previous type. Prinses Irene is suitable for growing pink tulips, you can combine it with Gladiolus byzantinus and Gaura ‘Gaudros’.

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8. Tulipa ‘Avignon’

Tulipa 'Avignon'
Tulipa ‘Avignon’

Avignon is a wonderful type of tulip with pink flowers on its petals. You can plant this species in combination with Euphorbia amygdaloides “Purpurea” and Erysimum “Bowles’s Mauve”.

9. Tulipa ‘Artist’

Tulipa 'Artist', Best Orange Tulips to Grow

Tulipa Artist is a very different tulip plant and it is extraordinary. Most of them have green flowers and others are red-orange in color. This is a tulip plant with shorter stature.