How to Add Nitrogen to Soil

Nitrogen Sources and How to Add Nitrogen to Soil Naturally

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How to add nitrogen to soil? Previously, let’s see what nitrogen is? Nitrogen is the main ingredient that plants need. Without nitrogen, some plants cannot grow because nitrogen is responsible for photosynthesis. If a plant is deficient in nitrogen, you can recognize it easily. The leaves of the plant turn yellow, plant growth slows down and is not normal.

less nitrogen and enough N
leaves lack of nitrogen

Good news, there are many ways to add nitrogen to the soil naturally because nitrogen comes from animal products, plant sources, and minerals. For more details, we will discuss this issue below.

Keep in mind, cover crops such as alfalfa, clover, or hairy vetch, in collaboration with soil bacteria to pull nitrogen in the air into the soil, this process is called nitrogen fixation. Cover crops in autumn and early spring that turn into the soil also provide a lot of nitrogen for your garden.

Sources of Nitrogen, How to Add Nitrogen to Soil

#Animal By-Products

Grass-eating animals such as cow, goats contain lots of nitrogen and organic matter. But its have a bad effect, this type of animal feces can stimulate weed growth and burn plants.

However, you can change it, mix animal waste with top garden soil. Let stand for a month before planting. This soil then becomes nitrogen-rich organic fertilizer and is ready for planting.

1. Fish Emulsion

Furthermore, the way on how to add nitrogen to soil is with a fish emulsion. This works faster than others. Farmers can spray fish emulsion with heavy doses every month. Fish emulsions can not only be used on the ground but can also be used on plant leaves after being thawed first.

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2. Feather Meal

Who would have thought that chicken feathers were a shocking source of Nitrogen. Chicken feathers contain keratin, a source of hard protein that takes a lot of time for decomposition. So, chicken feathers can be the best solution for long-term nitrogen sources.

How to Add Nitrogen to the Soil
Some corn lacks nitrogen

#Plant By-Products

Furthermore, how to add nitrogen to the soil is by adding certain plant products. Are as follows:

1. Alfalfa Meal

This is a great source of nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus. Alfalfa is useful for pushing good microbes in the soil. The decomposition process is very fast and good if you want to get fast results. However, this rapid decomposition process causes heat in the soil. You should not place it directly in a planting hole or on a small root.

2. Soybean Meal

Soybean seeds are also a source of nitrogen for plants. Usually used for lawns because it contains nitrogen release slowly and medium.

#By-Products Minerals

Chilean Nitrate is a soluble salt found through the mining process in northern Chile. This mineral salt is very high in nitrogen content. This source of nitrogen is different from sources from plants or animals. Its no longer needs biological processes and decomposition in the soil.

Nitrogen from this mineral salt remains valid even in cold soil. But there are weaknesses, it is often wasted and leaked to other places through the flow of water. If you use this type of nitrogen into the soil, you must control it so as not to leak around it.