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Top 10 Mushroom Growing Kits for Your Own

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Do you like mushrooms. If you are a mushroom lover and want to enjoy how they grow, then this article is suitable for you to read to the end. Top 10 mushroom growing kits will be the topic of our discussion this time.

Wandering into the forest looking for mushrooms to consume is interesting and fun. But sometimes you don’t want to be like that every day and want to get mold close to your house like in a warehouse, or behind a house. This is very interesting, you can grow various types of mushrooms in your home and it is very pleasant when the harvest comes.

Ok, we do feel like that and we found some good kits that we planted at home. Let’s consider all the following types of mushrooms, which are interesting to develop in your home. Hopefully you find the perfect kit for you.

There is a Variety for Every One

important things to note, choose mushrooms that can be consumed to be developed or planted in your home. There are many types of mushrooms available in the form of kits such as shiitake, lion’s mane, enoki, and oyster mushrooms with various colors.

If you are a mushroom lover, maybe there is already a type of what you like. But don’t you try the new types that we mention here. This is the best opportunity for you to try something new, something that is the latest experience for you.

Some mushroom lovers like the taste of hedgehogs, soft black oysters, and some others prefer the taste of morels and shiitakes. Now is an amazing opportunity for you to be able to try different mushrooms with different tastes. Some types of fungus need to be developed outside and some can be grown indoors.

If you choose to grow mushrooms indoors, choose a location that is warm, with no direct sunlight, and make sure it cannot be reached by children and pets. Room temperature to grow mold must be between 65 and 70 ° F.

Mushroom growth is very slow and sometimes can not grow in locations with temperatures below 60 ° F, jam, humidity is also important for mushroom plants, depending also on the species. Read the instructions in the box when you buy the seeds.

Whatever your preference, there are kits that grow out there. Let’s look more closely.

Boxes or Log?

Some mushroom kits have to use boxes as containers where they grow. This box is not filled with growing media for cucumber plants, but is spread by spore seeds.

There is also a type of fungus that grows on wood by making drill holes in wood, then filled with mold spores. Furthermore, it is covered in order to avoid predators such as insects and other animals.

Both types of mushrooms are very easy to treat and regulate. The important thing you have to do is maintain humidity and temperature that is always consistent. During the life of the kit, you can harvest your mushrooms every few weeks.

10 Best Mushroom Growing Kits



Aenoki mushroom or Flammulina velutipes, is having a small lid on a small rod that extends. These mushroom stems are thin, very delicious added to soups and salads. Enoki mushrooms are very easy to grow.

Enoki mushrooms are suitable for dry climates, each of us can produce about 2 pounds of enoki once a month during the harvest season.




Lion’s mane mashroom is a type of classic mushroom that has been used for hundreds of years in the world of Chinese medicine. This fungus is unique, and fun to look at. Now the lion’s mane mushroom is loved as a delicious food, especially in seafood dishes.

the mushroom lions mane has a taste similar to crab and lobster. Incredible, please try to consume it or grow it yourself at home that produces lion mane mushrooms for the family.

Lion’s mane has the scientific name “Hericium erinaceus” is an amazing type of mushroom, can be eaten, easily planted at home. the result can be as big as a baseball.

Lion Mane is known by the name of bearded tooth, satyr’s beard, hedgehog, even known as the pom-pom mushrooms. This type is rich in protein, but also has a beautiful shape such as a beard or melted ice cream.

There is an easy kit to grow lion’s mane. You can use wood chips, an inoculated bag of mycelium, a moisture tent, and a complete instruction book to guide you.

The important thing you need to do is to keep the lion’s mane growing medium moist and moist. After spores spread, two weeks later you will see the fungus begin to grow, and it will be harvested for 30 to 45 days from the time of growth.

Kits are available from Gallboys via Amazon. Not only kits, but also complete with growing substrate with hardy spores, there is a moisture tent and instructions.




Morel is a cone-shaped fungus that is very beautiful to look at. It’s like a charming fairy house, morel mushrooms are a delicious addition to various recipes.

Morel is a mushroom that can be cooked intact if harvested when young, you can eat from the stem to the tip. It feels good and tender. However, if harvested when it is old, then only the lid can eat, while the stems are hard like wood texture.

It feels very unusual and difficult to describe, it tastes rather spicy with a texture like meat. Morel mushrooms contain lots of protein which can replace daily sources of animal protein.

GMHP Gourmet Mushroom Products offers amazing kits for morel mushroom cultivation. They provide everything you need to grow this mushroom. It is available at Amazon’s online store.

Morel habitat kit aims to plant mushrooms outdoors. It was designed to be planted directly on the ground. You should find a place that is moist and slightly elevated, this will be the best location for planting morel mushrooms.

All you have to obey and carry out is the instructions provided, planting spores in the soil as directed. And remember, planting morel isn’t as easy as you imagine. You have to be very patient because this type of mushroom takes a long time even up to one year to be able to colonize the land and build itself.

After one year, you will see that there are a lot of mushrooms ready to be harvested. these mushrooms will appear every year because these mushrooms will reseed themselves without the need for human assistance anymore.

After growing, you will be able to enjoy morel mushrooms for years. This is when you let go of fatigue, a happy time for morel mushroom growers.

4. Black Oyster Kit

Black ayster is one of the most popular herbs and grows from kits. Oyster mushrooms are very popular in Asian cuisine, with a variety of textures and flavors making a perfect dish in a feel of familiarity. Black mushrooms are more pronounced in terms of flavor compared to white oyster mushrooms. It tastes better and tastes even though it grows with a little sun.

Kits with abundant harvest potential are available at Direct Gardening. If you are less successful with what they offer, within a year you can contact them to get a replacement.

5. Gray Oyster Mushroom Kits

Gray oyster (Pleurotus oystreatus) is another type of fungus that is no less popular than black oysters, to grow it at home you can get kits at the “True Leaf Market”. You can also get it at the Amazon store, please check the price. You not only get kits but are also given sawdust, growing substrates, mister bottles, moisture tents, and instructions for growing mushrooms.

To grow gray oyster mushrooms, you must provide a place with high humidity and fresh air. If your climate is dry, we do not recommend you plant it because you will most likely fail.

6. Pearl oyster kits

Pearl oyster is a mildew with a velvety taste and color. A beautiful display makes you want to have it. For those of you who want to grow Pearl oysters at home, you are lucky enough because ROOT offers kits that can directly grow mold in its place.

You only need to open the box and spray it with water, then you will see the Pearl Oyster growing in just ten days, this is amazing and you can enjoy this mushroom in a cooking dish.

The package that you buy includes soil as a growing medium, pearl mushroom seeds that can be directly mixed with soil, and a watering mister.

By using these kits, you can get the first and second harvests. Even some gardeners can get a third, fourth and even fifth harvest using this kit.

Roots Organic Mushroom Farm is available at Amazon’s online store. More shapes are also available but you don’t get bonus cherry tomato seeds. Bed with large kits, in addition to being able to harvest a number of mushrooms, you are also given a bonus in the form of cherry tomato seeds. You can get this version on Amazon.

Interestingly, if your spores cannot grow, then you can contact ROOT again to get another spore.

7. Pink Oyster Kits

The pink oyster variety (Pleurotus djamor) is a more beautiful and exotic type.

If you want to grow pink oysters yourself at home, there are now kits that can be used. The kit is available at “Forest Origins” and you can get it on Amazon. Not only do they provide kits, but you get a drizzle bottle, and complete instructions for growing pink oyster mushrooms.

The Forest Origins store offers 100% customer satisfaction. If your mushrooms don’t grow, you can contact Forest Origin and get another seed or your full refund.

8. White Oyster Mushroom

White oyster mushrooms can produce an enormous amount of harvest and taste light. This is a favorite dish of Asian people, you can get this dish in various Asian restaurants such as Malaysia, Indonesia and others.

To grow your own white oyster mushrooms, there are kits available at Direct Gardening, you can get them via Amazon. If that doesn’t work, you can get a free replacement within 1 year of receipt. To get a replacement, you must return the original shipping label and written request.

9. Yellow Oyster Mushroom Kits

Yellow oyster mushroom or Pleurotus citrinopileatus is a type of oyster mushroom that is more tacky and gives a beautiful feel in the growth room. This is a type of fungus that you cannot miss.

A Pro-Gro kit is available at the True Leaf Market online store. Including everything you need, such as sterile sawdust blocks and already inoculated with mycelium strains, these are ready to grow. Also given a spray bottle, tent moisture, and planting instructions.

By using this kit, in every two months you can produce as much as 2 pounds of oyster mushrooms. This species is not good to grow in dry climates, this type of oyster mushroom needs enough moisture to grow.

10. REISHI Mushroom Kits

Reishi is a fungus that is very famous because of the medicinal properties contained in it can increase the body’s immunity. The reishi mushrooms are widely consumed as nutritional supplements and recently, reushi mushrooms are very popular.

But we cannot claim that this fungus has such efficacy, but Chinese and Japanese people have long consumed it for treatment. This fungus is usually consumed as a tea or powder supplement, the red and brown taste is strong and distinctive.

If you want to grow it yourself, you can get a reishi mushroom kit via Amazon. Good for growing indoors, but can also be done outdoors.

In addition to the kit, you get moisture tents, instructions, growing substrates and spores. For watering, you must provide your own mister bottle.