Most Profitable Crops to Grow in Your Garden

10 Most Profitable Crops to Grow in Your Garden

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Gardening is a job that is not only fun but also provides many benefits. If you like gardening, then you should consider the plants that you will plant. Many plants are profitable up to tens of thousands of dollars in one acre. Do you like to grow spinach, tomatoes, salads or other green vegetables?

Try planting, something that not always provide in the vegetable garden. This plant can be beneficial for you. As planters and farmers, we recommend 10 types of special plants if you plant in the garden, it can provide a large income for you.

10 Most Profitable Crops to Grow

1. Bonsai plants

Bonsai is a dwarfed plant, its trunk is like a large plant that has been live hundreds of years old but it only grows in few centimeters. Business opportunities for those of you who like bonsai are wide open. Many ornamental plant collectors dare to buy at high prices.

Plants that grow in small size like a finger to old pine and maple that only 18 cm tall provide a special attraction. Not only plant lovers, anyone can even be amazed by the beauty of this dwarf plant. Starting a bonsai business does not require extensive land, you can simply use the front garden of your house or the back of your house. In addition, you do not need a lot of capital even for those of you who live in the countryside, plants that can be bonsai can be found for free in the wild.

Bonsai Most Profitable Crops to Grow

2. Bamboo

It is also a special plant that is profitable to cultivate. Bamboo which is planted in pots can be priced at up to $ 150, even farmers cannot meet market demand for bamboo plants. Bamboo is very useful even considered as the most popular plants. The benefits of universal bamboo such as making woven, walls of houses, seats, or other craft materials can add to the sale value of this plant.

In addition, bamboo is also classified as a long-lasting plant and can even be adapted in various situations depending on the type. In fact, there are types of bamboo that can withstand cold weather with temperatures below zero. You can rely on pots to plant bamboo behind your house, it is possible that you can make thousands of dollars per month.

Bamboo Most Profitable Crops to Grow

3. Lavender

Lavender is a versatile plant that is sought after. For small farmers, planting lavender on plantations can be an additional daily income. Farmers usually sell lavender flowers in bundles up to oil milling. Another benefit is as an ingredient for making bouquets.

So, planting lavender is very promising. In addition to oil, lavender is also used for making herbal cushions, ingredients for making health products and as aromatherapy. In fact, purple lavender that caalled “angustifolia hidcote” is able to sell for $ 5 per 250 grams.

lavender most profitable plant to grow

4. Woody Ornamentals

Furthermore, one of the most profitable crops to grow is woody ornamentals. This plant is also called woody stems. This plant has its own beauty to be used as a craft product such as a bouquet of flowers. Woody ornamentals are very marketable because of the colorful wood. Red Twig Dogwood and odd stems are attractive woods and colorful, among the most famous are holly and found in winter.

Some other types are pussy willows in spring and forsythia which are found in late spring. Interestingly, woody ornamentals can be harvested continuously for several decades, this is different from growing vegetables or almond plants that are only harvested in certain seasons.

woody ornamental Most Profitable Crops to Grow

5. Ginseng

Maybe you often drink ginseng tea or other ginseng drinks. This is produced from the roots of the ginseng plant itself. Asians have known this plant for thousands of years ago as a fresh and herbal plant to cure various diseases.

Ginseng is also called “green gold” because of the expensive price. However, plants that only grow in cold areas have a long time span to be harvested by farmers. Farmers have to wait at least 6 years for the bus to harvest its roots. During the planting period, farmers also sell ginseng seeds, or young plants as additional family income so they can harvest the roots. For half a hectare of land, farmers can reap a profit of $ 100,000 from the sale of ginseng seeds, young roots and old roots.

So, it’s no wonder that this most beneficial plant has become an important plant since George Washington. The results of the sale of ginseng were able to finance the revolutionary war against the British. However, ginseng can only be planted in a cold place.

ginseng is profitable crops

6. Garlic

Garlic is also the most profitable plant to cultivate. One type of famous garlic is gourmet or hardneck. Gourmet has three types, they are Rocambole, Purple Stripe, and Porcelain. Its benefits make it a high value. In fact, you don’t want to use other onions if you have tried this onion.

The superiority of gourmet garlic makes it expensive. Customers do not hesitate to pay up to $ 10 for one pound. Now, if you like to plant plants in your garden or garden, try planting gourmet garlic. Besides supporting the family economy it is also very good for health.

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Another tempting type is elephant garlic. The price can reach $ 6- $ 8 for one pound. Garlic cultivation is relatively easy, it is easy to grow in various climates.

garlic most profitable plant to grow

7. Flowers

Planters who like plant a flower may be proud, they can get many benefits from planting flowers. Flower plants are yard decor and terraces. Every time it is needed and the price is also high.

Not only high profits, the capital needed is also not expensive. Flower farmers only need to spend a few dollars to buy flower seeds and then plant them. As a result, large flower plants can be sold at high prices.

flowers most profitable plant

8. Japanese maples

Japan is a country that has a wealth of unique flowers and plants. One of the beneficial plants for cultivation is Japanese maple.

Maples are small plants that do not need a large room for planting. Its uniqueness is able to conjure everyone. The orange and red leaves provide extraordinary beauty. Its slow growth makes you have to be patient, if you are able then the profits are huge. For best maple, you have to prune this Japanese maple tree since give the dazzling appearance.

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Japan maple is profitable to grow

9. Gourmet mushrooms

One of the most profitable plants for you is mushrooms. Mushrooms are plants that grow indoors so that it attracts a lot of interest of farmers in urban areas. There are two types of gourmet mushrooms that are known for their high prices. They are oyster and shiitake, in many bag shops, both of these mushrooms are sold in fresh and dry form at varying prices.

Oyster mushrooms are very productive and can produce up to 20 pounds for a square foot area of the planted area every year. Now, the price of this mushroom per pound reaches $ 7. Planting in a 10×10 space area can generate more than $ 17,000.

The Most Profitable Crops to Grow

10. Ornamental Grasses

Ornamental grass can also be one alternative for those of you who like gardening. Planting ornamental grass is very easy, just plant a little, then it will continue to spread through its roots. For nurseries that are ready to sell, you can plant in a pot behind the house. The results are very promising for family economic development.

In a short time, you can seed ornamental grass to thousands of pots. Furthermore, you only need a little promotion on social media and customers will definitely come.

grass that most profitable to plant

These are the 10 most profitable crops to plant. As planters, we are very happy with small things like this, besides eliminating saturation can also bring big profits. If you are one of the farmers or planters, wait for our next article.


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