How To Get Rid Of Mice In Apartments

How To Get Rid Of Mice In Apartments, Follow These DIY Guides

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For those of you who live in apartments are also not safe from mice. Wherever we live, rats are always there with humans, so we must be clever about how to get rid of mice in our homes, apartments or other places to live. On this page we have important information about how to get rid of mice easily in the apartment.

You only need to follow this guide and if necessary, use the recommended product to get rid of mice. By following our instructions and using the recommended products, we are sure that you can control mice 100% in your apartment.

How To Get Rid Of Mice In Apartments

Living in an apartment is different from living in your own house separate from your neighbor’s house. In our apartment we live next to someone else’s room or house. What if our neighbors were people who did not keep the house clean, of course many bad things would happen including rats hiding in their homes. This mouse is not impossible to move and settle in our apartment. Not only the problem of fleas, bedbug problems that occur, but rat outbreaks can also be a problem that can occur.

The appearance of rats in the apartment is very disturbing, indeed it does not disturb humans but this rodent will eat all household items such as cloth, clothes and even electrical wires. Including what is very annoying is leaving dirt, noisy sound and others. If it contaminates food, rats can also carry disease, and it is a very fast breeding animal. Controlling mice in the apartment is certainly more difficult because we cannot control the cleanliness of the next door neighbor.

If you live in apartments and want to get rid of mice, please follow the DIY instructions for product recommendations and expert instructions for removing mice.

1. Identification

Before removing the rats in the apartment, we must first identify them. Is it true that there is a rat in your apartment, because these rodents run so fast that sometimes they escape our attention, and sometimes we cannot know them well. House mice usually have smaller sizes of around 2-3 inches with a tail of about 3-4 inches.

Differences with field mice or garden mice that are also larger in size. House mouse droppings are also small according to their body size. House mice can run very fast, they can run at 12 feet per second by jumping up to 1 foot.

2. Inspection

The first thing in getting rid of mice in apartments is identify the rats. When you know there is a rat in the house, then all you have to do is clean it thoroughly to find out and identify where the rat is nesting and in which area it comes.

Where to Inspect

The place that is often a place for rat nests is in high areas, or between cracks in walls, kitchens, or even in used storage containers that are not neatly closed. Rats are very active at night, you can hear them running on the roof or in the upper attic.

Also check the cracks that occur between the window, the AC ventilation, and the door frame that is often used as a place to run the rat. Even a small gap in the way out or the way to run by house mice.

What to Look For

Look for signs of rats such as scratches where they walk, rat droppings, and listen for where the rat sounds at night. At night, they are usually very active in their voices because they bite into paper, cardboard or electricity cables in their nests.

Rat droppings are like gecko feces, but smaller. Newly formed slippery dirt and old dirt are usually harder and drier. From the size of the dirt we can also determine the size of a mouse tail. If you find feces, this indicates that you have to put mousetrap there or give rat poison.

3. Treatment

If you already know for sure there is a rat in your house and already know where it is nested, or where it often piles up its feces, now is the time for you to treat. Remember, when doing maintenance, use personal protective equipment (PPE) before using any product to eradicate rats. Rats will avoid areas that smell human, and can make your treatment ineffective.

Step 1 – Clean your apartment

One way to treat is to clean your apartment of various impurities including food scraps that can become rat nests. All food is stored in jars, bags, and closed containers. If you find food that has expired, immediately dispose of it and do not let everything scattered. When finished eating, clean the kitchen, wipe out the leftovers in your apartment.

Provide a trash can that is tightly closed, dispose of trash regularly to keep the apartment always clean and away from rat nests.

Step 2 – Bait with Eratication Rodent Bait

If the cleaning is done properly, then the rats will be hungry because they have no more food to eat. At a time like this, rats will try to eat what they find, providing Eratication Rodent Bait around the apartment. Eratication is made from delicious native peanut butter and this can provoke the arrival of mice to eat it. This is a poisonous food that will kill mice slowly.

Place the mouse bait in a place that is out of reach of your children and pets. Put some of the feeds in different places with a distance of about 10 feet between one and the other.

Monitor the bait every day, whether it is eaten or not, and also pay attention to the animal’s activity at night such as its voice, pole scratches, etc. This bait will kill the mouse slowly.

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Step 3 – Trap Mice with Snap Traps and Glue Boards

In addition to using poisonous talk, we can also use mouse traps or use glue on the board. This method is best done indoors.

how to get rid of mice


When making a mousetrap, make sure this works effectively. The trick, before you actually use it for mice, you must try it first with other objects, whether the trap works well or not. Check every night or day whether your trap is entered by rats or not. Is the food in the trap used up? Because there are cases, the food used in traps is eaten by rats, while rats do not trap.

Also use mouse glue on the board, glue is also an effective way to get rid of mice in apartments and this is a trap that many are interested in.

4. Prevention

If all rooms are sterile from rats and you do not see any activity at night. So now is the time you take precautions so that other rats do not come to your apartment.

Prevention of rats can be done by always cleaning the room, cleaning the kitchen of food scraps, rubbish scattered on the floor, throwing all the trash into the trash and tightly closed so that it does not become a favorite place of rats. besides, close all the gaps that can get the mice in and out of the room.

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5. Key Takeaways

Rats are pests and parasites that are difficult to get rid of in your apartment. The reason, rats in the apartment can move to other neighbors so that it is difficult to be eradicated 100%. But by maintaining cleanliness in your apartment, at least the rat does not like your place and does not make the nest there.

Maintaining cleanliness is the main key and includes how to get rid of mice in apartments which is effective in doing. Make sure you give the Eratication bait, place it in the bait station to attract the mice to eat it. Also use classic mouse traps and glue boards so that the mouse cannot avoid this trap.

After all the rats come out and get caught in a trap, then you have to keep the room clean from food scraps, various objects are stored properly in a closed container so that it does not become a nest for rats.

That’s how to get rid of mice in apartments, hopefully it will be an additional knowledge. for those of you who live in an apartment, you have to be very careful with dirt and rubbish scattered so that it does not become a material for making rat nests.