How To Grow Madagascar Palm

How To Grow Madagascar Palm Indoors (Pachypodium lamerei)

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Southern Madagascar Palm. This is a thorny palm plant, unique and of great interest to decorate the lawn. The Madagascar palm plant which is scientifically referred to as “Pachypodium lamerei” is a plant in the succulent and cactus families. From the name, we know that other palm-like plants. In fact, this is not a palm at all, the trunk is spiny and is more related to a cactus. This plant, called Pachypodium lamerei, grows in warm areas. Usually the Madagascar palms are grown as outdoor landscapes in warm regions. Meanwhile, if planted in cold areas, it is very suitable as an indoor plant.

Madagascar palms will usually grow to a height of 4 to 6 feet (1 to 2 m.) When used as a decorative plant. However, it will grow up to (4.5 m.) If planted as an outdoor landscape. The trunk is long and skinny and filled with many and very thick thorns.

The habit of this Madagascar palm plant grows tall without branches and at the very top there are slightly long leaves. Even if there is a branch, it is very difficult to find, as well as the yellow or pink flowers. Usually, the flowers appear in winter with a distinctive aroma. It is great as an indoor plant, but for good growth, place it in a sunny area.

How To Grow Madagascar Palm

How to Grow Madagascar Palm Indoors

Madagascar palms can be grown easily and requires no extra effort. The most important thing is to get sunlight and have good drainage so that the roots don’t rot.

One way of planting is from seed. Planting from seed takes a very long time to germinate. Before planting on the planting medium, the Madagascar palm seeds must be soaked in warm water for 24 hours. So, you have to be patient because it takes a long time to germinate. Sometimes this takes a long time, it can be around 3 weeks to 6 months before the shoots appear.

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A quick way to multiply Madagascar palms or breed them is to break some of the branches like a cactus. After the shoots are broken, let them dry for a week. After that, just plant it on the ground with good drainage. Cactus plants or the like, including the Madagascar palm do not like stagnant water at their roots, so make good drainage. Soil is moist but not inundated.

Madagascar Palm Care

These plants need warm temperatures and full sun. So, place the pot in a place that is thoroughly exposed to the sun.

Meanwhile, watering should only be done when the soil dries up. When the soil dries up, you just need to water it until the soil gets wet. The next watering is done when the soil dries up again. If it is winter, reduce watering.

For fertilization, use an ornamental plant fertilizer in early spring and early summer. If this plant grows well and is healthy, it can flower quite a lot and each year it can increase its height to 12 inches or 30.5 cm.

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However, if the opposite is true and you find signs of disease or pest attack, then immediately remove the affected branches or stems. when entering winter this plant usually experiences growth problems. The leaves sometimes turn yellow and it doesn’t feel fresh. Immediately remove it from harsh winters such as moving indoors or cutting to the base of the soil and covering the soil with thick mulch. It will grow back when the next spring comes.