Lemon Cypress - How To Care For Lemon Cypress

Lemon Cypress – How To Care For Lemon Cypress

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The lemon cypress tree is a lemon plant that can be grown indoors or outdoors. Growing lemon cypress isn’t difficult as long as you master a few basic techniques. This type is also known as the Monterey cypress. Its name sticks to it because of the distinctive aroma of its branches or leaves when crushed.

Lemon Cypress Trees

Lemon cypress trees come in two styles: small and smaller. Its original habitat is outdoors, but now many people grow it in pots and put it indoors. This tree can only grow to a height of about 5 meters. For an evergreen, this is a fairly low height.

If you are growing for aesthetic use outdoors, then dwarf lemon cypress (Cupressus macrocarpa ‘Goldcrest Wilma’) is the best choice for you to try. These mini plants usually only grow to about 91 cm, this is a very suitable size for growing indoors.

So, if you want to plant indoors, choose small or dwarf types. Meanwhile, if you want to grow it outdoors, you can try lemon cypress plants which are up to 5 meters high.

The leaves are green and yellow like needles, so many people admire this ornamental plant. Its fragrance is like fresh orange and its conical growth has captivated many people. To grow a lemon cypress tree, you need to know some basic planting steps so that this plant can grow well.

How to Care Lemon Cypress Outdoors

Growing Lemon Cypress is not as difficult as you think. This plant can grow anywhere as long as it has good drainage. It can tolerate clay, sandy, even calcareous soils. Lemon Cypress can also live in acidic, alkaline or neutral soils. So, it’s very, with just a little knowledge you can grow this plant yourself.

How to care for lemon cypress plants is important for those of you who want to grow this plant. If you want to plant in the back of the house, you must know how to care for lemon cypress outdoors. This plant thrives in any soil but should get plenty of sun. Lemon cypress does not live well and cannot even survive if you plant it in the shade.

Watering is an essential part of immersing lemon cypress. At the beginning of planting, you must water it up to two times a week. So, care is important in caring for lemon cypress plants outdoors.

If the early days of planting have passed, you can water only when the soil becomes dry. In spring, you can provide fertilizer for lemon cypress. Apply a 20-20-20 slow-release fertilizer, or before new growth appears.

Lemon Cypress Houseplant Care

What if you want to grow lemon cypress indoors. Well, if you want to make this plant indoors as an ornamental plant, remember that lemon cypress grows well with cool temperatures in the room. Note the thermostat is always at 60’s F. (15-16 C.) in winter.

Next, you have to make sure that your lemon cypress is getting enough light. So, place the lemon pine tree in the room near the window of your house. Lemon cypress needs direct light for 8 hours a day, so make sure this indoor plant can get it.

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Watering is the most important thing, otherwise the plant will wilt and its needles will turn brown. Always water when you see that the soil is dry.