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How To Kill Aphids: 8 Organic Ways To Get Rid of Aphids

How To Kill Aphids

How To Kill Aphids – The aphids in this world are estimated to reach 4000 species. Of these, an estimated 250 species are harmful to plants. They are also known as “plant lice or green flies”. One of the most successful in broaching plants is Aphids. These small insects damage young plants such as leaves to suck sap and nutrients from young plants. This causes plants to not develop properly because they run out of nutrients.

Viruses like this can kill plants such as potatoes, seeds, and citrus fruits. Honeydew released by aphids will benefit the sooty mushrooms which then coat the leaves of the plant so that the sun is blocked.

Aphids breed quickly, these aphids colonies can quickly destroy plants if they are not handled quickly and correctly. However, you don’t need to worry about aphids, because you can kill them. I will give a solution on how to kill aphids. Here are some ways you can get rid of aphids organically so that they are not harmful to health.

How To Kill Aphids Organically

1. Physical removal

Manually eliminate aphids physically. This is possible to do if the aphids do not attack widely. Use gloves and brush. Do sweeping on the leaves or stems with aphids. If there are widely infected leaves, cut the leaves and put them in a bucket of soapy water. This will kill them and prevent the spread of aphids in plants.

2. Water pressure

Using water pressure from the hose is only recommended to get rid of the aphids in plants that are strong or old. If applied to young plants, it will be dangerous because it can break or break crops. However, this is one of the effective ways to kill aphids to be applied.

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3. Using soapy water

The detergent properties of dish soap are mild. You can dissolve a few tablespoons of dish soap with hot water in a bucket. Then put in a small spray, spray the aphids that appear on the plant. Don’t forget to spray also the bottom of the leaves of the plant, because usually the aphids and larvae hide in the bottom of the leaves. This detergent will soften the waxy layer that protects the aphid’s body, and he will go dehydrated and eventually die.

Note: Using soap must be careful not to turn off beneficial insects. There are several types of insects that are beneficial to plants that act as natural predators. They are ladybugs, lacewings, and hoverflies. Killing natural predators will open the gap for the arrival of new enemies or other plant-eating insects.

4. Use neem oil

The use is the same as using dish soap. Neem oil can be dissolved in water and then sprayed onto plants infected with aphids. Natural chemicals in neem oil work to kill aphids not only against aphids but also other lice such as mealy bugs, beetles, leafminers, ants, cabbage worms, and caterpillars.

Neem oil is also effective for treating fungi in plants.

Note: Maybe neem oil doesn’t kill beneficial insects. But you have to use it carefully because neem oil can repel beneficial insects from your garden.

5. Using insecticide soap

Next, how to kill aphids is with insecticide soap. This soap is available in many types to control garden pests. If you buy this product, always read and remember the instructions so as not to damage certain beneficial insect species.

6. Essential oils

Essential oils are not only beneficial for treating and treating diseases in humans but can also overcome plant pests such as aphids.

To make poison for the aphids, mix with the same amount of peppermint, thyme, rosemary oil and clove. You can use 5 drops of each of these oils. Next, put this mixture into a spray containing water. Before using, shake well and spray on plants infected with aphids. This essential oil not only repels insects from the garden but can also repel insects from your home.

7. Bug-eating birds

Another natural way to get rid of aphids is by encouraging the nesting of flea-eating birds such as wrens, chickadees, and titmice. The trick is to give them free food so they like to make nests around your garden. They like to make nests in twigs or small trees to provide protection.

For this reason, you can plant crops such as abelia, hydrangeas, and other shrubs including pine trees such as arborvitae, boxwoods, and privet. This is the best choice for destroying aphids around the garden. The bird will prey on aphids as its daily food.

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8. Beneficial insects

How To Kill Aphids
ladybug beetle

If you want to use natural methods without using detergents or insecticides, you can try to increase aphids predators. Among the insects that prey on aphids are ladybird or ladybug beetle. You can buy these predators from several plantation material suppliers or on the Amazon.

Besides the ladybug, there are also predators who prey on aphids, these are hoverfly larvae and green lacewings. However, hoverflies must be brought naturally to the garden. The way to bring these flies to the garden is to plant fragrant plants like mint, clover, dill, yarrow, and fennel around your garden naturally. This herbal plant will attract ladybugs and lacewings to alight.