Jacobs Ladder Plant

Jacobs Ladder Plant – How To Grow And Plant Jacob’s Ladder

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Jacob’s ladder plant – This plant is divided into two types as often encountered in the garden. One of them is “Polemonium reptans”, this is a plant native to the United States, Polemonium reptans is considered a plant that will become extinct and under threat in some American states. The way to keep this plant still exists is to protect the environment so that the planters do not just take these plants from the wild.

As an alternative, planters can plant Jacob’s ladder plants (polemoiniumcaeruleum), this is Jacob’s ladder species which is specifically for growing in the garden and is rarely found in the wild.

Jacobs Ladder Plant

Jacob’s Ladder Plant Information

What is very interesting and the attraction of Jacob’s ladder is the leaves. The small leaves are similar to ferns and appear along the stem. The leaf formation which is similar to Jacob’s stairs causes this plant to be called “Jacob’s ladder”.

Jacob’s ladder can grow up to 3 feet wide by usually 1  1/2 feet. The flowers are clustered hanging on the trunk. There are many colors of flowers such as white, pink, blue, and yellow depending on the cultivar. Once formed and grown, this plant does not need much care. You only need to cut it occasionally.

How to Grow and Plant Jacob’s Ladder

It seems like usually, before we decide to plant Jacob’s ladder, we must know in advance where this plant likes to grow. This is a forest plant that likes shade and semi shade. If there is too much sun, Jacob’s ladder is flammable so the leaves will look rusty.

Jacob’s ladder grows well in an area rich in organic material such as a wet place, but he does not suck in a place that is too moist. This plant can also survive during the dry season if the roots are strong enough to hit the ground. The superiority of Jacob’s ladder also lies in its durability, it is resistant to insects and diseases.

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So growing Jacob’s ladder is easy to compare with growing other plants like Split-Leaf Philodendron and others. If you have found a good place for it, there are two ways to propagate, this is by seed or by the plant division method.

Jacob’s ladder propagation with Seeds

How to breed with seeds is quite difficult, not all your efforts will succeed. If you choose this method, sprinkle the chocolate seeds on the soil that you have processed in such a way. Then cover the seed surface with thin soil on top. Sirami gently so that the seeds germinate quickly.

Planting Jacob’s ladder seeds must be done in the spring or after the ice season passes. Jacob’s ladder seeds do not take long to grow, you must make the distance between plants about 18 cm. In the first year, you may only see this plant grow its leaves, while flowers will appear the next season.

Jacob’s ladder propagation with Divisions

If you breed Jacob’s ladder by division method, you have to do it in the early spring to facilitate Jacob’s ladder growing. First, carefully dig the plant until all the roots are raised. Next, separate the roots or divide into several parts depending on the size of the root.

Second, after sharing, then move to another place that you have already dug. Dig soil with a size larger than the root ball. Use organic soil for maximum growth. Flush regularly to maintain soil moisture, do this for several weeks to give the plant an opportunity to adjust to a new place.

How to Care of Jacob’s Ladder

Jacob’s ladder is a plant that is easy to develop because it does not need a lot of care. After blooming, you can do pruning. On the stalk that is cut, it will re-bloom, you do not need to be afraid of the pruning you have to do.

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In older plants, the leaves are sometimes brown and torn. If you see it like this, just cut the leaves so that new leaves appear blossoming. Trimming on Jacob’s ladder plants is only annual treatment, you will not bother with this plant.