Hoya Bella (How to Grow Hoya Bella)

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Hoya bella, which in scientific language is called “Hoya lanceolata bella”, is a miniature wax plant and has long been a popular ornamental plant. Hoya bella plant is suitable for planting indoors or outdoors. This wax flower plant is native to Thailand, India, and Burma.

This plant also has a lot of moisture and is suitable for planting in humid areas. This plant is very beautiful, it produces white flowers which are shaped like stars and it is attractive to look at. Each minature wax flower has its own small red flower. Hoya bella is a low-maintenance and easy-to-care plant, and is very easy to care for and care for, especially when planted indoors.

How to Get Hoya Bella

1. Purchase the plant from a nursery.

To get Hoya Bella plant seeds, you have to go to a plant nursery center or you can find them in your nursery. This Wax Miniature plant does not only consist of one type, there are many types of this plant that can be planted. Among the hoya bellah variants is Hoya carnosa, this is the big breed. In addition there are types of Hoya australis, and Hoya bandaensis. If you need help finding a hoya bella nursery, talk to the plant nursery staff, you can get more and more accurate information from them.

Hoya carnosa is characterized by its leaves that are slightly dark green and oval in shape.

2. Look for a Hoya bella online.

If you don’t have friends who care for this plant or there is no nursery for ornamental plants in your area, you can try using the internet to buy it online. Try checking out well-known and large online plant retailers. Among them are Nature Hills, Burpee, Wayside Gardens, or Spring Hills Nursery. You can also find many sellers of this plant at the Amazon online shop.

Growing an ornamental hoya bella plant from seed is difficult, so you should buy it online, a grown plant. One of the reasons why this plant is difficult to grow from seed is because it rarely has seeds, the flowers rarely have seeds and they are very difficult to grow.

How to Grow Hoya Bella

Plant Hoya Bella from a Cutting

If you find someone growing hoya bella plants or there is a nursery for these plants, you can also get cuttings of the stems, and you can grow the stems. Take cuttings of this plant in the summer, cut the stems about 7 cm. But pay attention to the leaves, you should cut the stems with leaves, at least two or one. Use good porosity soil, fertile soil and water weekly. Hoya Bella will usually bring out its roots within a week or two.

Place the plant in a semi-shaded place, trying to get partial sun. Direct sunlight can cause plants to wither and not germinate.

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How to Plant Hoya Bella

1. Select a planting container.

The plant can grow in almost any place and container as it can tolerate almost any growing medium. Hanging baskets are the best place to plant Hoya Bella because they tend to form long vines. However, if you don’t use containers, these plants can also breed on open land. Use large plantings that are 12-18 inches (30-46 centimeters) in diameter.

It is a tropical plant and is a perennial plant. The best way to plant it is in a container so that it can be carried or moved around, especially in winter. If winter starts, you must put this plant in the room so that it is not affected by frost.

2. Place Hoya Bella near the support

To grow wax plants indoors or in gardens, this plant needs physical support to grow, so using a support next to it is a must in growing wax plants. If you don’t use support poles, these plants can also grow near the fence because it will make the fence a support. Choose a fence that is protected from the wind and can get sunlight.

To be able to grow this plant all season long outdoors, you must decide to live in a warm and humid year round environment such as the tropics.

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3. Use soil that can retain moisture

In fact, the Hoya bella plant can be planted in many types of soil because it can tolerate many types of growing media including mixed soil. However, the important thing to pay attention to is soil moisture. We recommend that you use soil that can retain moisture. So that the soil you use has good porosity, add a handful of sand or charcoal so the water can move freely out.

You can find the mixture for this pot in various plant nurseries.

4. Put this plant in a bright place (have light)

Indeed, you do not need to place the plant in direct sunlight, because it can defend itself in partial shade. So, if you plant it in a pot indoors, place it in a place that can be reached by sunlight.

If Hoya Bella is put directly in the hot sun, it is likely that he will die or wither.