How to Store Cucumbers

How to Store Cucumbers To Keep Them Fresh

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This time we will learn how to store cucumbers properly to keep them fresh. Cucumber includes popular vegetables and easily found in supermarkets. Cucumbers are often a complement to salads and sandwiches. Only a small number of people don’t like cucumbers. However, the nutrient content in cucumbers invites us to be able to enjoy it even once a month.

Although many like this vegetable, there is one problem that is often experienced, cucumber is not a vegetable that is durable so it must be spent in two or three days. If you want to keep cucumbers longer, follow my method. I will lay out a simple technique but it is very useful to make cucumbers durable and more important is to keep them fresh.

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Ways to Store Cucumbers To Keep Them Fresh

Directly, let’s see how you should store cucumbers?

First: Cucumber is not stored in the counter, if you do it your cucumber will rot in two days. You must store cucumbers in the refrigerator to keep them cool and fresh to enjoy.

Even if you store cucumbers in the refrigerator, your cucumber will still not last more than 5 days. You need techniques and ways to store cucumbers to keep them fresh for a long time and confidential, this is what I am explaining to you.

How are the common ways to store cucumbers? Usually, cucumber is put into a plastic bag and put in a refrigerator, this does not last long, in just 3 days it will slim down and not fresh anymore. There are also those who keep it without using the bag. It also does not last long, in 3 days it may be wrinkled, soft and the texture is not crunchy anymore.

So, there is a secret on how to store cucumbers to last a long time. Here I will explain the secret. Here it is: Wrap each cucumber with a paper towel, then put it in a plastic bag. Put the plastic containing the cucumber – that has been wrapped with the paper towel – into a refrigerator, this is magical and cucumber can last all week and keep it fresh and crispy.

Below we upload images of how to store cucumbers to last a long time. Good luck!

How to Store Cucumbers
Choose the right cucumber and fresh
How to Store Cucumbers
Put right on a paper towel
How to keep Cucumbers
Wrap it
How to keep Cucumbers
Wrap a whole of cucumber
How to Store Cucumbers
put it in the plastic bag

If everything is done, put your cucumber in the refrigerator. This will last a long time.