How to Remove Tree Stump Naturally

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After cutting wood in the garden, usually the stump will stay and can interfere with gardening activities. We want to eliminate and kill wood stumps, is there a safe and natural way that can be done? Of course, this time we will learn how to remove tree stump naturally and not need any chemicals.

How to Remove Tree Stump Naturally

1. Cut the tree stump as close to the ground as possible, you can use a saw or a machine. If the cutting is close to the ground, the stump will quickly decompose and decompose into the soil.

2. Kill the stump using boiling water. You can also consider this because it’s easy and cheap. But boiling water must get to the roots so that it can succeed quickly. If you kill a large tree stump, maybe this method is rather difficult.

3. Next, how to kill a tree stump is to wrap using plastic for several weeks. Wrap it in dark plastic so that sunlight cannot penetrate. This will stop root growth so that the stump easily decomposes. However, it is recognized that this method works rather slowly.

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4. Drilla two-inch deep stump, add rock salt to it. This will kill the root system. If the stump is small, you can use salt directly on the root of the wood.

5. Epsom salt can double function, can grow plants and can kill plants. Epsom salt contains magnesium and sulfur, but if used in excessive doses it can kill plants including tree stumps.

How: Drill the top and side of the stem with a depth of about 10 inches. Add Epsom salt mixed with water. Then close the hole and leave it. Stumps will die in about 1-2 months depending on their size.

How to Remove Tree Stump

How to Remove Tree Stump Naturally 2

6. Digging. This is very effective and the stump can be directly removed from the ground. But this is more difficult because it requires a lot of money if the stump root is deep.

So some ways to kill a tree stump naturally. If this method works effectively, use chemicals to kill the stump. However, if this stump is in the yard or next to the house, you can grow plants on top of it as well as being useful as well as displaying beauty.