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How to Plant Tomatoes from Seeds – Tips for Tomatoes Growing

How to Plant Tomatoes from Seeds

Have you ever eaten tomatoes that are delicious because vine-ripened? Maybe only a few of you can enjoy tomatoes like this. For those of you who like gardening, planting tomatoes is something that is easy to do, and you can enjoy the harvest until the tomatoes are completely mature from the tree.

Before planting tomatoes, you must know how to grow the right tomatoes. Tomatoes are plants that don’t like cold, so this plant is only good for planting in the warm season. Type into spring you can start plants from the seeds. Tomatoes are not resistant to cold temperatures, so planting tomatoes in the winter will only reap failure.

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For us in Indonesia, we can grow tomatoes anytime because of the warm is tropical climate and good for tomato plants. However, for those of you who live in areas with several seasons, you can plant tomatoes in the room. To plant tomatoes in the room prepare:

  • Tomato seeds,
  • Soil or planting media
  • A pot where to plant seeds
  • Warm temperature with natural light or light
  • Provide fertilizer
How to Plant Tomatoes
How to Plant Tomatoes from seeds

1. Seeds

There are many varieties of tomatoes available, even hundreds of types, you can choose the one you like and suit your place. Here are some things you should consider.

Choose the type of tomato you plant, whether it is cherry tomato or slicer.

Consider the size when mature. If you want to grow tomatoes in a pot, choose the type of determinate which is only 3 feet high. But if you plant outdoors, you can choose types such as cages, or ladders.

Consider plant resistance to disease. Because tomatoes are plants susceptible to disease, then you have to choose long-lasting varieties like those that are resistant to verticillium and fusarium.

2. Soil

The soil is important to start planting. However, you should use compost to plant seeds. If you use garden soil, it will tend to dry so it is not good for growth.

3. Prepare containers

Use a small container to sow tomato seeds. You can use a used yogurt container that is poked under it for water flow. I prefer to buy a special place for tomato nurseries. This container is useful for sowing the seeds before you plant them in an open soil bag.

4. Warmth and Light

Tomato seeds will germinate at a temperature of 70-75, if your room is too cold then place it in a warm place and use a lamp to accelerate the appearance of sprouts.

5. Growing Tomatoes from Seeds

Keep the soil moist but not saturated. Seed the tomato seeds in a small pot, planting one seed for each planting pot. Flush the water but don’t overdo it. If you plant in a room, use a fan to smooth the airflow.

If you put tomato plants in a room near the window, turn the pot every day to keep the plant straight and not follow the light. If using a lamp light, raise the lamp along with the height of the plant.

6. Give fertilizer

Giving fertilizer to tomato plants is glazed when growing true leaves (not the first leaf to grow). Once every two weeks use a water-soluble fertilizer that has been mixed with the recommended one.

7. Transplanting into the garden

How to grow Tomatoes from Seeds

To move tomato seeds to the garden, you have to wait for the right time. This is when the ice season ends. Entering spring, your tomatoes can grow well on your garden. If all is according to planning, then within 7 weeks or less you can already harvest tomatoes from your garden.