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How to Plant Pumpkin from Seeds and Care It

How to Plant Pumpkin from Seeds

How to plant pumpkins from seeds – One of the interesting activities nearing hollowen is to carve the pumpkin with various horrible shapes. Of course, you have to get the perfect pumpkin to be able to carve it well. This makes you have to shop to get it. To be easy for the future, you should plant your own pumpkin in the yard or backyard garden.

How to grow Pumpkin from Seeds
when hollowen time

The way of planting pumpkins is very easy, you only need to take some pumpkin seeds from the fruit you are carving for your hollowen. This is an easy job for you, you don’t need to bother thinking about it. The important thing that has to remember is to prepare the land because the pumpkin spreads and propagates, it needs a large yard to live in. So, taking care of the pumpkin takes a long time but if you have a hobby for planting, it is a simple matter for you. I am ubaidillah will give you tips and how to plant pumpkin from seeds. Good luck to you.

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How to Plant Pumpkins from Seeds

1. Choose a good seed

The first thing you have to do is choose a good pumpkin seed so that the percentage of growth is higher. To get the seeds, there are two ways you can take. First: take from fruit and second: buy seeds that ready for seedlings at the plant shop.

If you try the first method, you must take the pumpkin seeds first, then clean and dry them. Choose larger seeds between other pumpkin seeds. It aims to make the ability to grow is bigger.

But if you take the second method of buying seeds at the store, choose seeds among the following three types of pumpkin:

If you choose seeds in the store, take Autumn Gold, Dill’s Atlantic Giant (if you like giant pumpkins) and “Casper” variants if you want to get white pumpkins.

2. Choose the place of planting

Since the pumpkin needs a large place to grow properly, then you have to prepare a large place or land behind the house or on the edge of the house. The soil for planting pumpkins must be able to absorb water because the pumpkin plants do not like too moist soil. In addition, you must check the pH of the soil, for the pumpkin the pH of the soil must be between 6 – 6,8. Another thing that is no less important is clearing the land of weeds, pests and insects.

For your convenience, you can use weed blocks two weeks before planting so weeds die and insects disappear.

3. Plant at the right time

One of the things you have to pay attention to is harvest time. You must be able to harvest in the fall, so planting pumpkin must be in the last of May until first July. According to experience, the pumpkin will grow well if you plant seeds directly to the ground with a depth of 1 inch. Pumpkin is a vine, you have to pay attention to the distance of planting. Pumpkin spacing should be around 5 feet.

4. Give TLC fertilizer

At the beginning of the planting period, pay attention to weeds, pests, and insects. Usually when the pumpkin plant is already one foot high. Start giving fertilizer that containing nitrogen elements regularly.

Do regular watering in the morning and evening. To facilitate your task, you can use a rain hose. Another way is to make drip irrigation from a hose that is stretched parallel to the plant.

How to Plant Pumpkin Seeds
Watering the pumpkin

When the pumpkin plants begin to propagate, you must replace fertilizer with high phosphorus.

5. Harvest time

Pumpkin harvest time is not so long, it only takes 100 days to be able to harvest. About two weeks before harvest, remove all the pumpkin leaves that provide shade. This aims to give a better pumpkin color. Mature squash or pumpkin can be marked from the stem that starts to dry and the color of the fruit is yellow.

Don’t forget to wear gloves when harvesting so that your hands are safe. In addition, after picking the pumpkin, store it or put it in the sun for 10 to 14 days. It aims so that the pumpkin can ripen perfectly.

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Note: When picking the pumpkin, cut the stem around 3-4 inches, this aims to make the pumpkin durable.