How to Plant Peacock Orchid

Peacock Orchid, Ways and Tips for growing peacock orchids

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The peacock orchid is one type of plant that has attracted the attention of many flower plant lovers. This type of orchid has an elegant appearance with its white flowers decorated with maroon in the center. The peacock orchid will bloom in summer, apart from the beauty of the flowers, the peacock orchid leaves also have their own charm. The shape of the leaves is like a green sword, and at the base is slightly red.

Peacock orchid is a plant that is easy to cultivate. Growing peacock orchids will provide a beautiful and attractive atmosphere especially in the summer when it blooms. In this article we will explain how to grow peacock orchids and some tips related to the cultivation of this flower plant.

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What are Peacock Orchids?

When you hear the name “peacock orchid” maybe you think of a peacock or like other orchids in general. Maybe you will be surprised because the shape is completely different from orchids in general. The peacock orchid is called “Acidanthera bicolor”. This plant is a member of the iris plant and is still related to the gladiolus.

This plant is grown above the ground, it has a tuber like any other tuber plant. When in bloom, the peacock orchid plant has a different shape than that found in the gladiola species.

Another botanical name is Gladiolus callianthus, a flower that smells good when it blooms is also the main attraction of why people like to plant it in pots or in the yard.

How to Plant Peacock Orchid

If you want to grow peacock orchids, then a good planting time is in the spring. Plant the tubers about 3 to 6 inches apart. Choose a place that has good drainage and moist soil.

The peacock orchid loves full sun and it also likes hot afternoon sun. The more so in the cooler zone.

How to Care Peacock Orchid

In caring for peacock orchids, orchid growers must pay attention to good and regular care. Among them is regular watering. Watering is an effort to moisten the soil, because he likes moist soil, so paying attention to watering is very important so that the peacock orchid can develop and produce flowers continuously.

This type of orchid is good for planting in zones 7 and below. If it enters winter, the peacock orchid plant needs to be moved into the room to maintain its existence. If you’ve planted in the open outdoors, then in winter you should dig up the tubers and clean them and store indoors until the following spring. When spring, you can return to planting these orchids outdoors.

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Digging the tubers for storage in winter is when the leaves begin to turn yellow before they enter the freezing time. Clean and dry the tubers, keeping them indoors until spring, for replanting in the spring.

How to Store Peacock Orchid Bulbs

To save the peacock orchid plant yam, put it in a ventilated container and add moss in the container. This will keep the tubers durable with good airflow. The storage temperature of the tubers should be 10 C or 50F.

There are also those who do not dig the tubers, those who grow brand orchids in zone 7 just leave them in the ground and just leave them alone. Then in the spring they bloom again without any difficulty. For those of you who want to try it, try giving it thick mulch over the winter.

If you are in zone 7 and choose this alternative, which is not digging peacock orchid tubers, then once every 3 years or 5 years you have to divide the small peacock bulbs to keep them blooming when you plant them.