How to Plant an Oak Tree

How to Plant an Oak Tree from Seed and How to Care It

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Do you want to know how to plant an oak tree from seeds? We will provide ways to grow oak trees. You only need one acorn to get a great oak tree. An easy way to get oak seeds is to buy them at a plant shop or garden center. The oak tree is divided into two types, white oak, and red oak.

How to plant oak and treat them differently or depending on the type. For that, you must know how white oak and red oak. To distinguish the two types of oak, see the following explanation.

How to grow an Oak Tree
oak tree planting

The white oak tree has smooth leaves and has no feathers, while the red oak has feathers on the leaf tips and in the leaf lobby. So, we see further how to grow an oak tree.

How to Plant an Oak Tree

1. Get oak tree seeds

You can get it under oak trees in the fall, which is at the end of September and early November. The oak tree seeds must be filled, not to be split or rotten. Oak is ready for planting when the tips of the seeds relax and can be easily disposed of. But if you plant red oak you have to wait until next spring.

However, if you find oak seeds under a tree that has germinated, you can take it and plant it directly.

White oak seeds don’t take a long time to plant, just in one season. However, red oak must wait for up to two seasons (the next spring) to be planted.

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2. Save the oak tree seeds

If you have to store oak seeds before planting, you should pay attention to the storage media, store in a humid place. Do not let the oak seeds dry, if dry for a long time then it will lose its ability to grow.

Store in a damp place, take a plastic bag and insert the peat, put oak in it, store it in a humid place. You can store it in the refrigerator, but set the temperature to 32-40 degrees F. Remember! do not make your oak frozen in the refrigerator but always keep the humidity.

If you want to delay planting for white oak seeds, you can save this way, but the temperature should be 32-35 degrees F. If the temperature is 36 degrees up, it will germinate.

3. Time to plant

Take the oak that you have stored in a moist or healthy oak seed and free of mold and disease. Fill the pot into one gallon, do not take garden soil because of the potential for fungi and pests. If you have a bigger gallon, this is better. Vertical roots of oak plants will grow quickly.

Take the seeds and place them on the ground, cover them with soil and let them loose. The soil must always be moist and avoid stagnant water in the pot, make a small hole under the pot for drains.

4. Transplant Seedlings

If you plant grafted oak, provide a large hole. This is so that the oak plants can grow freely. Oak is an old plant, so planting should not be close to the road, sidewalk because it will grow big like a mango plant in general.

If you plant from a seed, you can move it into a larger container when the first leaf has hardened. Usually, oak leaves begin to solidify after two weeks of germination. If you want to move it on the ground, dig a large hole or the size of the pot where you plant the seeds.

The land must also be considered, avoiding moldy soil or pests. Of course, you want oak plants to grow healthy and free of pests and diseases.

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5. Transplant a Young Oak Tree

If you do not plant from seeds as in the case you buy oak plants that have been grown in the central garden, then you must provide a hole three times larger than the root clump. Remember, don’t plant beside the road, or on the edge of the sidewalk because you don’t want oak trees to grow large on the road. Fill the hole that you have made with soil or compost, make a mound around the stem to grow steadily.

6. Watering Your Oak Tree

How to watering an Oak Tree

Don’t let your oak plant dry out, so always flush when you see the place where the oak planting begins to dry out. Do regular watering for one year to build the oak root system well. However, do not water too much because it can cause rotten roots. The best way to do watering is by using a hose or drip irrigation.

7. How to protect your oak plant

To keep the soil loose and fertile, use organic mulch. Spread around a tree at a distance of 4 inches, use organic mulch from the aphelia or pine straw. Always guard and protect oaks from various bad things such as weather, animals, or damage caused by the agricultural equipment you use.