How to Make +$40,000 From Growing Garlic

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$40,000 From Growing Garlic – Are you a garlic farmer or garden lover who wants to enjoy the benefits while planting plants in your home garden. Garlic is one of the plants that is worthy for cultivation because it can make a lot of money. By just growing garlic, you can get more than $40,000, how? See the explain.

If you are interested in knowing how to make $40k of garlic, you must be patient because the garlic will not harvest overnight. Just like other plants, gardeners must patiently enjoy the growth process until harvest. Don’t be discouraged, garlic can give your dreams, you just need a little hard work and smart work. Remember! Successful farmers are those who want to be patient to enjoy the process while improving themselves.

Maybe you ask, why should garlic not grow almonds or other plants? Look, garlic is a spice that is needed throughout the world, including Indonesia, and America. In addition, garlic is easy to grow and can be adapted in a variety of climates so it is not difficult for farmers to cultivate it. Do you know, every year Americans spend 300 million tons of garlic. That’s why you have to plant this spice.

By utilizing the area in the yard or behind the house, you can produce this garlic. One type that is very popular and expensive is gourmet garlic.

$40,000 From Growing Garlic

So, due to the high market demand, farmers must prepare it. What we need must be prepared, this is one success formula. Consider, why does the company “Honda” make cars, because that’s what most people need. In addition, great design, fuel economy, high level of comfort in the vehicle, everything is needed so the market produces it.

Likewise with you, if you want to be a successful farmer, then what the customer needs must be provided. This formula can apply everywhere. As a planter who wants to grow garlic, you must know what types of customers are interested in. Now, the very salable types of garlic on the market are gourmet “hardneck” garlic like Rocambole, Purple Strip and Porcelain. So, do a little research on something that you want to develop or grow so that it will turn into money for you.

How to Make $40,000 From Growing Garlic

Well, so how to make $40,000 from garlic, this is how. Pay attention to two types of garlic, gourmet and elephants garlic. This type of garlic is on average sold for $ 6/pound. Prepare your land for at least 1 hectare. With one hectare of land, you can produce 15,000 pounds of garlic.

$40,000 From Growing Garlic

Let’s play math, if you want to get $40,000 from growing garlic, you have to have enough space to produce 6700 pounds of garlic. Maybe, with a¬†half hectare of land, you can already start this business. Sell your garlic for $ 6 per pound. See this multiplication, $ 6 x 6700 pounds = $ 40,200. One hectare can produce 15,000 pounds of garlic, so you only need 1/2 hectare to produce half.

Now, after garlic is harvested, where will you sell? Don’t be afraid that you don’t know where to bring your harvest. Is not garlic needed and always sought by the market. You can sell it to farmers’ markets, sell to entrepreneurs or sell retail to traditional market, supermarkets and others.

Conclusion: How to make $40,000 from growing garlic is easy if you have a land area of 1/2 hectare. But this won’t happen overnight, you have to enjoy the process a few months and then all your dreams can be achieved. Being a farmer is fun and profitable.