How To Grow Lavender From Seed

How To Grow Lavender From Seed – Follow A Guide Below

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Lavender is a plant that provides an outside beauty. Have you ever seen a field full of lavender? It is amazing to see beautiful fields, purple and white. An extraordinary sight.

However, lavender is not only as a decoration, lavender is a plant that is also useful as an essential oil. So, we feel that we need to grow lavender to get many benefits. If you want to plant it, I will give you a way to plant lavender from seeds.

How To Grow Lavender From Seed

Facts about lavender

  • Lavender is a native plant from the Mediterranean, Asia, India, and Europe.
  • It is an annual plant
  • Lavender can be used for cooking purposes
  • Lavender oil is something very valuable
  • The plant grows on sandy and dry soil
  • The soil pH must range from 6.0 to 8.0
  • Lavender is a plant that is easy to plant, lavender has no dependence on seasons and weather.

What do you need?

Growing lavender from seeds certainly requires equipment. But don’t worry because this equipment is easy to get. I am sure that all the tools you have at home.

I like to plant lavender from seeds not from cuttings. Among the equipment that I also want is trellis and this is also very easy to get. I think every gardener also uses trellis of different sizes.

How to prepare the seeds?

Preparation for lavender is somewhat different from the preparation for planting seeds of other plants. Other plants usually need 4 weeks to grow, but lavender takes a little longer. Weather also plays a role in the process of accelerating the germination of lavender plants.

prepare the Lavender Seed
Preparing the lavender seeds

To grow lavender, you must know the weather of your area, lavender grows well in warm weather. If it’s winter, or humid you have to wait until the warm season is around 75 to 77 F. Maybe you can try planting this plant at the beginning of May.

The germination period can last 6 to 12 weeks. Maybe some gardeners feel bored waiting for this time. While waiting for the preaching period, you can continue to maintain garden conditions such as throwing grass or trying other crops such as plant the pumpkin, but this is if you have more land.

So, how to start the seeds?

Another thing that is rather odd in my opinion is having to put the seeds in a zip-lock polybag with good moisture and soil and put it in a refractor. For the past three weeks, I have to copy the season cycle of plants to replace the next season.

After this, I finally proceeded with the standard procedure to start seeds. I fill the trellis with a pot and sow or plant seeds. Some gardeners tell you to use a split trellis. However, I see this is optional because I am not very functioning.

The soil must be slightly wet before you sow lavender seeds. So after cleaning, you don’t need to quickly add water. Place the pot in a bright place with a stable temperature.

When you want to plant seeds, take from a refrigerator and plant one seed per inch. After the seeds are added to the ground, cover the upper part about 1/8, this is very thin so that the germination process is not hampered. Remember! This plant is very fond of land that is rather dry, so don’t make the mistake of flushing too often because it’s very bad for lavender.

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When Was the First Movement?

After growing and developing the first leaf, lavender already has roots that are strong enough to move. This is also the first time you have to use fertilizer and Granular is one of the best to use, choose fertilizer that has a little NPK content.

How to plant lavender that has been moved is very easy. Add the soil to the pot and make a hole in the center of the pot with your finger. Pull the lavender plant from the trellis, put it in a hole that has been made and press gently so that the soil covers the roots of the lavender plant.

Now you have to keep the temperature stable and start getting your plants outside to adapt to the outside atmosphere. Occasionally enter into the room until your plants get used to weather conditions outside.

The growth period can be two or three months until the plant can really adapt to the outside environment. Not the right time for this, depending on the treatment, weather and fertilizer process you provide. If the plant looks tall, you can move it out of the room because the plant is sure to be able to adapt.

The Second, Moving (The Last)

One week is enough time for lavender to adapt. This is ready for the last transfer. This is a transfer that you will do to move lavender from the pot to the garden. Make a distance between 15 to 23 or you can try it the distance of each plant is 20.

Dig a hole larger than a pot so that all the soil on the root can be inserted into a hole. Then, add the soil again until the roots and stems of the lavender become strong. Note that the plants stand tall in a hole in the ground. If you lean to one side, your plant will grow shorter. This must be considered carefully.

Maintenance of lavender and pests

After planting lavender in the garden you must pay attention to its care. Lavender treatment is relatively easy. Do not give too much water to prevent root decay. While fertilizer, lavender hardly needs this so just let it grow on your land without too much watering and too much fertilization.

Maintenance of lavender and pests

Spring is a time when you have to do a little maintenance. Use scissors to cut the stems. You can cut 1/3 or 1/2 of the plant. No need to worry because lavender won’t die. In fact, if there are too many branches it will grow slowly. Make a mulch on the stem, but do not cover it all with mulch because the lavender stem does not like the stem closure.

Luckily, lavender doesn’t have many pests. If you see pests like white flies or spittlebugs, you can remove them by hand or by watering.

Lavender harvest period

The harvesting process is also easy, if the lavender flower has bloomed, this shows a sign that the harvest has come. Use garden gutters to cut lavender just below the leaves. Collect all twigs and dry them well.

How To harvest Lavender From Seed