How to Grow Garlic
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How to Grow Garlic – From Planting To Harvest

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How to Grow Garlic Easily – Garlic is a magic herb that provides many benefits and efficacy. It feels rich and satisfying, this is the superiority that makes a lot of food delicious. If you like garlic, this is an interesting thing between garlic enthusiasts to plant in the backyard of the house. If you like, I will share how to grow garlic outdoor, hopefully you like it.

Before I explain how to grow garlic, I want to introduce the types of garlic. So, you can choose what type you like to grow.

Types of Garlic

Garlic is divided into two types, ‘hardneck’ and ‘softneck ‘. Hardneck is a variety that has a flower stems, also called ‘scapes’. These scapes must be removed to stimulate bulb enlargement. This variant is more resistant to cold temperatures compared to softneck variants. So, if you want to plant in winter, you must choose the hardneck variant.

For us in Indonesia, we can plant any type because of the tropical climate and this is very easy to grow.

How to Grow Garlic in garden

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How to Grow Garlic

Garlic is a spice originating from Central Asia, this plant likes sunny and fertile places. If the soil is not fertile, we can provide compost. Compost can be made from leaves and grass that is heaped a few months before growing garlic. Normally, garlic experiences a period of bulb enlargement in winter, so the planting must be done earlier in the fall.

To plant garlic in open land, hoe the soil as deep as 30-40 cm and give manure or compost to increase fertility. The amount of manure that must be given is 10 tons per hectare. Then make a bed with a width of 60 cm. The price of garlic seeds is quite expensive, you can plant from garlic cloves. Garlic that will be used as seeds must be stored for 3 months. Then after it is completely dry and the green edges appear you can start planting. Plant spacing between one hole with another hole is 20x20cm. If you want to plant one hectare, you need around 200,000 shoots. The ideal soil pH for garlic cultivation is 6-6.8.

In addition to planting garlic in open land, you can also plant garlic in a pot or container. How to plant garlic in the container, choose a container with a width of 20 cm with a drainage hole underneath. Add compost and plant garlic cloves with a distance of about 4 inches. Cover a little with the ground and move the container to an open place that is not blocked by sunlight.

Growing Garlic

Planting garlic is easy because it doesn’t need a lot of care. Watering is only necessary if the soil is dry, especially in containers. After planting, give mulch to the stem, you can use organic mulch from straw or grass pieces. The use of mulch in addition to preventing the appearance of weeds is also good for keeping the soil moist.

How to Harvest and Store Garlic

How to Grow Garlic and harvest

If you see garlic leaves starting to turn yellow (usually in the summer) then this is a signal that you can already harvest them. To lift the garlic tubers from the ground, use a garden fork or shovel. After that, dry the harvested garlic in the open place.

Once the garlic dries, clean the remaining soil. Store garlic in a dry and cool place, you can store it in a storage rack with good air flow. Another way is to roll the leaves and hang behind your house or in a warehouse with good air flow. Look more on how to grow potatoes in container