How To Grow Carrots

How To Grow Carrots In The Garden

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Carrot (Daucus carota) is a plant that thrives in cold areas such as in the early autumn or early spring. For optimal growth, the nighttime temperature should be 55F or 13c and the temperature in the daytime is 75F or 24c. You can grow carrots in a small garden or where you plant flowers. This article will give you a few tips and how to grow carrots.

Tips on How to Grow Carrots

To grow carrots you have to clean the soil from gravel, rubbish or bark that has not decomposed. However, if the woody pieces are as soft as the results of a saw, you can interfere with the soil for enrichment and make porosity on the soil.

Start making beds with loose soil, hard soil can inhibit tuber growth. Likewise, with rocky soil, this can worsen root growth.

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How to Plant Carrots

Plant carrots on lines that line 1 to 2 feet between each row. While the seeds must be planted with a depth of 1/2 inch with the row between each seed 1 to 2 inches. After planting the carrots, you have to wait until the brand germinates and appears on the surface.

When the carrot plant has reached 4 inches in height, thin them to 2 inches. You can get some carrots ready to eat. Plant height is increasing, thin them more till 4 inches apart. This is useful for producing a larger harvest.

Weed is the enemy of your plant, it will take most of the nutrients in carrot plants, so clean them since your carrots are still small. The development of carrots will be disturbed by the number of weeds.

Carrot Growth

After planting, carrots continue to grow and do not take long to harvest. You can start planting these vegetables in the middle of spring, then continue to do the planting for two weeks to get a continuous harvest throughout the fall.

When did you harvest carrots?

The first harvest can be done when the carrot is the size of a finger. However, you can still leave it in the soil longer, but if you want the fresh and the young, harvest it when it’s as big as your thumb.

How do you know the size of a carrot? This is easy, move the soil to the top root until you see the tuber. If it can be harvested, gently lift the carrot from its base. If you keep the soil loose, your carrots can be pulled easily.