How to Grow Aloe Vera

How to Grow Aloe Vera and Care for It

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Aloe Vera is a plant with many benefits, the gel is able to cool and soothe skin burns, rashes and others. Planting Aloe Vera is a fortune, it can provide beauty in your room, or in the office. So, how to grow Aloe Vera, let’s take a look at our following review.

For those of you who want to grow Aloe Vera, pay attention to the following tips:

– Put Aloe Vera in a pot and in a place that is exposed to indirect sunlight.

– If you want to grow Aloe Vera outdoors, place it in a slightly shaded place to protect it from the heat of the sun.

– During the summer, growing aloe vera is good in a shaded area such as a covered patio.

– Plant when Aloe Vera is actively growing

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– If you are growing Aloe Vera indoors, then water it every two weeks and water less in the winter.

– If it is outdoors, and you are planting it in a pot, then water it weekly.

– When the age is a month after planting, provide fertilizer such as fertilizer for succulent plants.

– Harvesting Aloe Vera leaves is to cut the leaves that are closest to or near the roots.

Planting aloe vera doesn’t require extra care. This seculent plant needs little maintenance because it does not die easily. In addition, it adds to the beauty of the room, and provides many benefits for skin health.

How to grow aloe vera, this is all you have to know.

Where to Grow Aloe

Aloe Vera thrives outdoors in warm regions or zones 9-10. While in other areas, it grows well as an indoor plant or as a houseplant. So, in the summer, we can move it outdoors.

If you plant it indoors in a pot, place the aloe vera plant in a position that is exposed to indirect sunlight. We can place it in front of the window facing east or south.

If planting outdoors, we must also pay attention to its location. It’s best not to be exposed to direct sunlight, so give it some shade, especially when it’s hot during the day. The terrace of the house is a suitable place if you want to plant outdoors. If the temperature is below 50 ° F, then quickly bring the plant into the room. Unless you plant in zones 9 through 10, Aloe Vera can live year round outdoors.

Soil Type for Growing Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a secular plant native to Africa, it grows on hard, dry soil with good drainage. So it is only natural that this plant can grow on hard soil.

How to Plant Aloe Vera

The best time to start growing Aloe Vera is when the air is warm and the temperature is mild. If you are moving from one pot to another, use a pot that is bigger than the size of the first pot by about 2 or 3 inches. The aloe root should fill about 2/3 of the pot. As for planting outdoors, in zones 9 or 10, we plant them in fall when the soil is still warm.

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So, a container or pot with a little mixture will dry quickly from the watering so that it will avoid root rot.

How to Water Aloe Vera

How to water aloe vera? Watering the Aloe Vera plant shouldn’t be too much, because it lives in dry areas and the leaves retain a lot of water like the cactus plant. If you plant it indoors, then the ideal time to water is once every two weeks.

How to Water Aloe Vera How to Water Aloe Vera

Meanwhile, if you plant it outdoors, you should water it more often because it dries quickly. Maybe about once a week. But what’s even better is that you check the soil before watering. Make sure the top 1.5 inches of topsoil is dry, otherwise you can’t water it yet.

How to Transplant Aloe Vera Plants

How to reproduce Aloe Vera? Aloe plants that are already large will usually produce new seedlings at the roots, in small sizes. These aloe vera puppies can be moved to another place, but wait until the aloe vera chicks reach a height of 3 inches. If you have reached that height, dig into the bottom of the brood carefully to get the baby Aloe vera roots.

Once you have removed the Aloe Vera saplings, plant them in a small pot and bury them until they reach the first leaf. After two days of planting Aloe Vera pups, then water and continue watering once a week, depending on soil conditions. If it is getting big you can move it to another bigger pot so it doesn’t interfere with its growth.

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