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How to Grow a Succulent from Seeds, Watering, and Care for Succulents

how to grow succulent from seeds

Planting succulents have a special attraction because these plants are best-selling on the market. For lovers of ornamental plants, you must know how to grow a succulent from seeds so that you can add more to your collection. Indeed, planting succulents from seeds requires patience and time to get lots of succulents, but it is very satisfying. Planting yourself is the cheapest way to get succulents, you just need patience.

Planting succulents from seeds are not the same as planting other crops like growing banana or growing leeks, there are a number of things you must know and learn. In this article, we will give tips for growing succulents from seeds.

How to Plant Succulents from Seeds

1. Buy Good Seeds

Buying seeds at a trusted place is important, succulents seeds are very small like dust and dirt so if you don’t understand it well it can be wrong to get the seeds. To get quality seeds, buy at a trusted flower shop.

One online store that provides a lot of plant seeds is etsy.com. You do not have to go there, but are free to look at other stores but pay attention to customer care and trust in the store. The store “Etsy” provides almost all the flower seeds you want, especially cactus plants including succulents.

succulent seeds, growing succulent from seeds

2. Planting supplies

To plant succulents from the seeds, you need a container to sow the seeds. I use containers like Air-o light and seeds Trays, you can also use other possible containers.

Growing or soil media is also important, using soil that is good for the growth of succulents. I used to grow succulents using coconut coir, and bonsai Jack Succulent Soil.

how to grow succulent from seeds

3. How to Grow a Succulent Seeds

Succulents seed is small, use your hands carefully so that the seeds do not lose. Instead, do the planting in a clean place. Start by filling your container with the planting media that has been provided. If your hands are dirty with the soil, clean them well so you are easy to pick up succulent seeds, the seeds are really small, so be careful.

Take succulent seeds with clean hands and place them on the ground (planting media). Again, succulent seeds are very small, maybe you don’t know where you have put the seeds.

4. Watering and Care for Succulent Seeds

To germinate, succulent seeds need sunlight and water (humidity). So, the best way to water is to flood the container from below, you can soak the bottom of the container on the surface of the water until the water seeps into the ground. The two models of planting media that I have mentioned above make it very easy for you to water them. If you use Air-o Light, put water in a hole close to the ground. Cover the seed tray so that the humidity is maintained.

Then, place the seed tray in a room that can be reached by light because the seeds need light to germinate. Place a seed-filled container near the window to keep it in the sun. It is important to keep the temperature not higher than 80 degrees or lower than 60 degrees.

5. Now is Germination Time

Succulents do not germinate simultaneously, they need a different time, pay attention to the instructions on the paper about how long it will take for you to estimate the time to germinate.

Once you see succulents starting to germinate, then open the lid so that the airflow is smooth. Freshly grown succulents need air to stay healthy and grow well.

growing succulent from seed

6. Further Treatment for Succulents

During this growth period, avoid your seeds from drying out, always pay attention to the temperature of the soil to keep it wet but do not overdo the water. When the plant has a good root system, you can reduce the watering.

how to grow succulent from the seeds
The Succulent start to germinate

So, a cheap way to get lots of succulents is by planting them yourself. So, make sure you know how to plant succulents from seeds we wrote.