How to Get Rid of Gnats

How to Get Rid of Gnats Instantly Using Home Remedies

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Do you need a solution to get rid of fruit flies and gnats? You can try one of the pest traps below. At the very least, this will help you be safer and free from fruit and fruit flies.

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How to Get Rid of Gnats

Here are some fruit fly traps and what needs to be tried.

1. Non-Toxic Fruit Fly Lure

A bottle of this fly bait will work like magic, it doesn’t take long for you to see the results after a few minutes using this bait. Pour this solution into a bowl and pay attention, fruit flies and it will plunge itself into this solution and they will die.

2. Fruit Flies Be Gone Trap

If you have problems with outdoor flies, this is the best solution to use. All you have to do is pour formula and water into the trap and fruit fly. Place traps near the place and then fly. Look carefully, they will enter the trap easily.

3. GLOUE Gnat Killer

This is an electronic trap, you can try it if all the traps you use don’t work properly. GLOUE Gnat is an insect killer that uses LED lights to stimulate the arrival of insects and kill them. This method is simple and easy to use.

How to Get Rid of Gnats Using Home Remedies

It is important to understand the origin of fruit flies and how before you try the following trap. Because this trap will work optimally if used in source or origin. But this traditional method does not guarantee 100%, so you can succeed well and some others are not as successful as you. This all depends on the level of severity you experience. However, the following method of eviction is worth trying before calling an expert.

1. Buy a Gnat Trap

This is the easiest way you can go. Buy quality traps with the highest rating. Try using stix for this problem. This product is designed to overcome fungal insects, this tool will trap insects after they come out of the ground. So, you don’t need to use pesticides to get rid of gnats and insects.

2. Vinegar Trap

This is a natural trap that you make yourself. To get rid of fruit flies and try to mix these ingredients: Prepare apple cider vinegar, dish soap, water, sugar, and a container. Take a container and mix it in two tablespoons of apple vinegar, a few drops of soap, one tablespoon of sugar and one liter of water. Mix all the ingredients and place the container in a lot of places. The scent produced by vinegar attracts the desire to come and finally they fall into the vinegar mixture and eventually die.

3. Using Bleach into Sink

This method is good for removing drain flies. Disposing of bleach is not always able to overcome the problem and mosquitoes are sometimes safe and proliferate deep in the drainage. So, this method does not directly use bleach to the sink but you melt it with a little water. There are also those who use ammonia to kill gnats but make sure you use glasses and mouth coverings before trying this.

Warning: It is forbidden to interfere with bleach with ammonia, mixing these two ingredients can produce toxic and deadly fumes.

4. Red Wine Trick

The use of red wine is the same as the use of apple vinegar. It aims to attract flies and then drown them. You don’t need to buy expensive types of wine, cheap wine also works for this. Pour red wine into a small container, wrap the top with plastic, tie the surface of the container with a rubber band to hold the plastic and make a hole above it. Place this container near fruit flies and insects, leave it overnight and see what happens.

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5. Fogging Products

Fogging is another alternative that is very suitable for expelling flies and mosquitoes in open spaces. Among the popular fogging products is Burgess Insect Fogger, it is very popular for outdoor use.

6. Rotten Fruit Trick

Furthermore, the way to get rid of gnats is to use rotten fruit. This is similar to vinegar traps. Add the rotten fruit in a container and place the plastic around the container and make a few holes, see what happens when the mosquito enters the plastic.