How to Care for a Money Tree
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How to Care for a Money Tree – Tips for Growing a Money Tree

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How to Care for a Money Tree – Pachira Aquatica, this is the name of a tree commonly known as a money tree. This tree is classified in ornamental plants, some are called by the name Saba nut. One of the characteristics of the money plant is that it has a slim stem and can be intertwined together. Planting money trees is not easy, it only thrives with care and under certain conditions.

Here we will learn more about caring for Pachira Aquatica money trees or ornamental plants.

Pachira Aquatica Money Tree

This ornamental plant that called “money tree” is native to Mexico, it can grow to 60 feet in its original place. It has a small tree that can be set and is equipped with palm leaves. In its natural habitat, money trees can produce green fruits with oval shapes and have 5 spaces inside.

How to Care for a Money Tree
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Seeds in the fruit enlarge over time and one day will break the skin of the fruit. When roasted, it tastes almost the same as chestnuts and often used as a raw material for making flour.

Pachira plants are called money trees because Feng Shui practices believe that those who have this plant will give good luck. That is the reason why it is called a money tree.

How to Grow a Money Tree Houseplant

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Money tree care

This money tree cannot grow in all places. In addition, it also needs certain treatments. USDA areas 10 and 11 are suitable places to grow a money tree. If the climate in your place is too cold, this tree will not survive and it will die. However, if you want to plant it, plant it in a room using containers.

The Pachira tree can be used as a mirror for your landscape room by giving it a tropical feel. Want to start? You can plant from stems that are distorted or from the seeds. Money tree thrives in a place that has full light and temperatures between 16-18C or 60-65F.

How to Care for a Money Tree

Money trees like moderate humidity, and a lot of watering but not continuously. When watering, make the water flow to the bottom of the container and leave it to dry before doing the next watering.

In addition to watering, do regular fertilization every two weeks. If you enter winter, stop fertilizing. Pachira plants do not need to be pruned like a Japanese maple. But if there are parts of the plant that dies, immediately remove it away. Every two years, you must replace the pot and planting media from peat. In addition, the care that must be considered is the placement, do not put the money tree in the wind.