How Long does it Take to Grow Potatoes
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How Long does it Take to Grow Potatoes? Grow a Healthy Potatoes

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One special thing is that you can grow your own vegetables and fruits from home. If you have a small room or garden at home, please use it to grow vegetables for your own needs, here I will explain how to grow potatoes. This extraordinary effort will provide healthy and pesticide-free vegetables. This is a tremendous advantage, you buy vegetables in the market, most likely they have been contaminated with pesticides and chemicals.

If you are a beginner in farming, start from growing vegetables that are easy to grow first. Planting potatoes are easy because it is easy to grow without intensive care. In this article, you will find the procedure for planting potatoes and answers to many beginner questions about how long does it take to grow potatoes. In fact, I will provide other useful information regarding potato plants and this is will bring you to the top of success.

How Long does it Take to Grow Potatoes
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Tips for Growing Potatoes

Choose the Right Seed or Potato

The important thing to pay attention to growing potatoes is the type of potato that is planted. Potatoes have several varieties and it affects your harvest. See the following table about the types of potatoes that are good for planting in the climate of your place.

Types of Potatoes

How Long Does it Take to Grow?

Early Varieties

This is the fastest variety for harvesting, planting this type of potato you can harvest it in just 90 days. Among these famous varieties are Irish Cobbler and King Harry

Mid-Season Varieties

This variety is longer than the previous variety, sometimes you have to wait more than a hundred days to be able to harvest. These varieties will grow well when planted in areas with warmer climates. Among the famous varieties are Yukon Gold and Red LaSoda. Although harvesting longer, but the results will be more.

Late Varieties

This variety also takes a long time to be ready for harvest. You have to wait 110 days or even longer. However, this variety will produce more potatoes. In addition, this variety has higher durability so you can store longer harvests. Among the famous in this variety are Kennebec and Butte.

Elongated Fingerling Potatoes

This variety is very well known and is fast selling on the market. If you want to grow potatoes on a large scale to market, maybe this variety is the best for you.

When, How and Where to Plant Potatoes

Here are some important questions to know the answer. So, before I answer the main question about how long does it take to grow potatoes. I have to make sure you in advance to make no mistake in growing potatoes and all processes during the growth period, whether it is about planting, time or care. Pay attention to the following!

Time to plant potatoes

Now, after choosing the right potato variety, you must choose the right time so that your potatoes have enough time to be able to mature optimally. For two weeks before the last frost, you are expected to have planted potatoes. Before planting, you should keep the seeds in the refrigerator for some time, this helps to germinate faster when you plant them.

If the climate in your area is very hot, while spring is too short, you should choose early or mid-season varieties, and this should be planted for 4 weeks before the end of winter. But if the season in your area is rather cold, be sure to plant your potatoes two weeks before the ice ends. This applies to all the varieties of potatoes you plant.

A place to grow potatoes

Places to grow potatoes also need to be noticed, potatoes need a place that is exposed to the sun in full. In addition, the soil must be loose and dry. Do not plant in a place where frequent freezing occurs because the effect can damage the growing leaves. Before starting planting, mix the soil with compost to increase fertility and plant nutrition.

You no need to be afraid of weeds because potatoes tend to grow quickly and the leaves are lush. It is will damage the weeds that grow. For growing it, make a ditch for 4 inches deep and one foot wide. Enter the potato seeds there with buds (where the shoots will appear) facing up.

Besides planting potatoes on open land, I have also tried planting potatoes in containers and pots and this also works. The method for planting potatoes in a container is easy, take a container at least one meter high and 70 cm or 100 cm in diameter. Fill the soil mixed with compost for 1/3 container and add the potato seeds, cover with 1 inch of soil above it. See our article on how to grow potatoes in containers.

Treatment for potato plants

Potatoes are plants that need sunlight at all times, but these plants also need a lot of water or pay attention to keeping the media moist. When the potato seeds begin to grow, you need to water regularly. Don’t just rely on rain but this can help you.

Another treatment is to clean the weeds and hill the plant before the flowers bloom. You can do this when your plants have risen about 6 inches. Hoes and stem parts to help root growth and tuber formation.

The process of hilling the plant should be done every two weeks. If you plant it in a container, you only need to add soil to the container as you leave it. Hilling the plant is also important to prevent potato tubers from forming outside the soil. If this happens the tubers will turn green due to sunburn, and the taste is bitter and poisonous.

How Long Does It Take to Grow Potatoes?

How long does it take for growing potatoes
time to harvest

Now it’s at the end of the article and it’s time for me to answer the basic questions about how long does it take to grow potatoes. Why is this so important? You must know this because you need to harvest potatoes on time so you get the optimal potatoes and have a good taste.

The potato harvest time is when the top of the plant dies. When the plant dies, then most of the starch will be stored in tubers, this makes the potatoes so tasty and delicious.

Besides the above sign, the factor that determines your harvest is the temperature of the soil. So, you have to dig and harvest potatoes before the ice season comes even though some potatoes are resistant to this situation. But I do not recommend you to wait. Harvesting or you regret because your potatoes decompose due to decreased soil temperature.

Soil temperature ideally should be above 45 F. If you want to know for sure, you can use a soil temperature gauge.