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13 Tips for Growing Tomatoes in Pots or Container

Tips for growing tomatoes in pots
Growing Tomatoes in Pots or Container

Growing Tomatoes in Pots – In the previous article, we have learned on how far apart to plant tomatoes. This time, we will learn how to grow tomatoes in a pot correctly. At least, I have collected 13 tips on how to plant tomatoes in containers or pots.

Tips for Growing Tomatoes in Pots Correctly

1. Choose an ideal location

The important thing you have to do first is to choose the right and ideal location. The ideal location is where the sun is exposed for at least 6 hours a day. So, put your pot in that location. In addition, the distance between tomatoes must also be considered as planting in the fields. If in pots, the distance between pots must be considered so that air circulation is smooth.

2. The type of pot you use

If you want to grow a large variety of tomatoes, the pot used must also be a large pot so that root growth is not disturbed. But if you grow dwarf tomatoes, you can use pots that are not too large.

3. Quality potting mix over garden soil

Potting mix is important so that the quality of tomatoes that are planted is good. Using garden soil can usually cause diseases such as fungi and others. Potting mix is very good, smooth and can be good for plants.

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4. Planting varieties that grow well in pots

Bush Goliath Tomato
Bush Goliath Tomato

The desire to grow tomatoes in pots must be accompanied by sufficient knowledge. You must choose the type of tomato that can be adapted well in a pot. There are several types and varieties of tomatoes that can grow well in pots. Among them are Big Boy Bush Tomato, Bush Champion, Bush Goliath Tomato, Celebrity Tomato, Early Girl Bush Tomato, Patio Tomato, Tumbling Tom, and Rome Tomato Window Box.

5. Grow the determinate tomatoes

If you grow tomatoes in a pot or sack, choose determinate varieties. These tomatoes do not grow too high, usually only grow about 3-4 feet. This variety is also available in hybrid and heirloom types.

6. Acquisition of appropriate techniques

This also includes important things in growing tomatoes. Tomatoes must be planted deep enough to be healthy and have a sturdy stem. If tomato seeds have a height, you must cover 2/3 into the soil, so leave the remaining about 3 inches above the ground.

7. Use organic fertilizers

tips Growing Tomatoes in Pots
The organic fertilizers

Organic fertilizers are healthier and more fertile and nutritious compared to chemical fertilizers. Organic fertilizers can be in the form of bloody foods, bone meal etc. This fertilizer will add nutrients to phosphorus, nitrogen, even potassium. You can also add animal waste such as cow dung and goats.

8. Water the plants properly

Always water so that the soil does not dry out. Before watering, insert the index finger into the ground to determine whether the soil is dry or moist. Avoid watering on the leaves because moist tomato leaves are susceptible to fungal attacks.

9. Support the Tomato Plants

Support Tomatoes in Pots

This can be done by making a stick around the tomatoes or using a wire so that the tomatoes do not collapse and break. The heavy burden of tomatoes needs to be supported properly so as not to break.

10. Pruning

Actually, tomatoes do not need to do pruning unless the plants are planted too close to prevent air flow.

Also, remove suckers (emerging stems) up to 6-8 inches under each plant. This simple technique will help increase tomato productivity.

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11. Check your plants every week

Check tomato plants for every pest and disease such as lice and insects. Don’t let this small problem make your harvest decrease or fail. If tomatoes are attacked by leaf disease, you can spray it with pesticides, but do it with a relatively long time span.

12. Harvest your Tomatoes

Harvest tomato on Growing Tomatoes in Pots
The time to harvest

By following the tomato growing guide above, you should be able to enjoy a good harvest. Tomatoes can be harvested when the fruit is red or yellow. If you want to save longer, then you have to harvest it when it’s not perfectly cooked. Wash with clean water before consuming tomatoes.

13. Cleaning

After harvest, you have to clean everything. Clean the land by hoeing it again or by cleaning the pot if you plant it in a pot. This is important for removing fungi or plant diseases. After doing this cleaning you can do the tomato planting again.