Growing New Zealand Spinach

Growing New Zealand Spinach

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New Zealand Spinach is called by the name “Tetragonia tetragonioides”, this vegetable is also known as Cook’s cabbage or tetragon, a leaf plant which is native to New Zealand, Australia, Japan, and Argentina. The reason is called by the name “cook’s cabbage” because the first to find this plant was Captain Cook, he used this plant to help ship crews overcome and treat scurvy. Furthermore, in its spread, Sir Joseph Banks introduced the seeds of this medicinal plant to England in 1772, until later, the cook cabbage plant became a plant that was used as a vegetable in the summer.

Actually, New Zealand spinach is not an ordinary spinach, but nevertheless it has the same taste and can be cooked in the same way as cooking spinach in general. This plant is also different from ordinary chickens in terms of climate, including plants that like hot spots and are very susceptible to death if it is in winter. So, New Zealand spinach can grow well throughout the summer.

New Zealand spinach is an annual plant that grows well in warm areas and can tolerate zone 5. You can plant it before the ice freezes and if it’s winter, you can put this plant in the room.

Planting from seed is very difficult to germinate, even according to some researchers that planting New Zealand spinach from seeds only has the potential to germinate around 40% -45%.

We tried soaking the seeds before planting them in the ground for 24 hours. As it turned out, we had good luck, and then put the seeds on a wet tissue and covered it and put it in a dark place. We almost gave up and felt the seeds did not grow, apparently after waiting a long time for several weeks, then the seeds began to germinate. An extraordinary pleasure, then you take it and we plant it on the ground and grow it in the light.

New Zealand’s spinach is transferred and transferred to the garden after the stems have begun to hard and through all the frost. Whether everything survives well, and for them to grow, it takes a difficult and long struggle, so many New Zealand spinach seeds don’t die in the middle of their growth or don’t even grow at all.

Then, the growth period will improve when entering summer or warm season. This plant will grow like a mat and lay beautifully in your garden.

Planting spinach New Zealand, not too bothered with pests. Usually, what is found is an insect that eats some of its leaves, snails or beetles. To eradicate these animals is not too much trouble, you can quote them if they appear and do it manually every day.

If you eat New Zealand spinach raw, the taste is not good, but if cooked, it tastes like real spinach. But there is a best way to consume spinach in New Zealand, this is by sauteing it using a little olive oil.

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It can also be enjoyed as an addition to pizza and pasta.

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