Growing Beefmaster Tomatoes

Growing Beefmaster Tomatoes – How do You Grow the Giant Tomatoes

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How to grow and care for beefmaster tomatoes?

Hybrid beefmaster tomato teurs are experiencing developments. It is a tomato plant with large red fruit and it is also resistant to cracking. Beefmaster tomatoes with giant fruit are very nice sliced ​​and added in making sandwiches.

Are beefmaster tomatoes suitable for canning?

The beefmaster tomato is said by several sources, it is very good for making canned tomatoes, different from other tomatoes.

The taste of beefmaster tomatoes is sweet and light, and quite coock on the tongue.

The height of the beefmaster tomato plant?

It is a tall tomato plant, when mature, it can grow 8 to 10 feet. This high growth with stems that are not hard, of course this plant must be tied to a support pole.

In addition to using support poles, beefmaster tomato growers can also make vines of wood in the shape of a rectangle, where at the top they are tied horizontally. The tomato plants that are already tall will be tied on top of the four supports. Beefmaster tomatoes can freely grow and settle on these supports.

Pay attention when remembering this tomato plant, tie it gently and don’t need to be strong because the goal is so that the beefmaster tomato doesn’t collapse.

Then, another advantage of beefmaster besides sweet and large fruit, it is resistant to several types of diseases such as fusarium wilt, to verticillium wilt, and is also resistant to nematodes.

Growing Beefmaster Tomatoes

When to pick Beefmaster tomatoes?

When is the beefmaster harvested or when it measures how much weight. Beefmaster tomatoes can weigh anywhere from 18 to 32 ounces. It depends on the variety, sometimes 80 days after transplanting the plant can be harvested.

When planting, give the spacing between plants about 20-36 inches, this also depends on the variety.

Is Beefmaster tomato determinate or indeterminate?

Beef master is a tomato variety that is classified as indeterminate. It is a hybrid which means you cannot save the seeds for planting in the next season. If you plant the seed, it will not grow as good as the base crop.

The point is: If you plant the seeds, chances are the tomato plants will bear fruit and big too, but the size will be different from the tomatoes you harvest the first time.

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How to Grow Beefmaster Tomatoes

The important thing is sunlight. The Beefmaster is a type of tomato that requires full sun. So to get good results, you have to plant it in a place that is not the shade.

The spacing between stems is 35 inches but this depends on the variety of beefmaster you are planting.

When planting, place the tomato stems deep into the soil or about 2/3 stems. The goal is to encourage better root growth.

For good healthy results, use organic, well-drained soil. Use compost in the planting hole before you plant tomato stalks (transplant system)

Soil pH should be between 6.4 and 6.8, not more. Soils that are too acidic are not good for growing beefmaster tomatoes.

To find out the level of soil acidity, you can send a sample to a plant testing service. Usually the cost of a single test is very cheap, around $ 8, or maybe a little expensive if you live in America.

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How to test soil acidity by yourself

Maybe, if you are a graduate majoring in chemistry, you know more or less about how to find out soil pH. testing to determine the level of soil acidity is to use litmus paper. But now, you don’t need to use litmus paper anymore, you can now use a special tool that is sold to test soil, a soil pH tester.

Among the best tools at this time is the PentaBeauty Soil Test Kit. With this tool you can not only measure the pH level of the soil, but you can measure humidity and light levels. You can get it on Amazon.