How to Grow Grass Without Seed

How to Grow Grass Without Seed | Look the Steps

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How to Grow Grass Without Seed – Apart from growing grass from the seeds you buy at the market, there are also seedless grass growing methods. If you want to plant grass directly you can do this by planting sprigs. The grass sprigs is the horizontal part of the grass stem and spreads through the ground and it grows there. Sprigs are also called runners, where shoots or roots grow.

Apart from planting sprigs, you can also try planting grass by planting sod. Sod is a slice of soil surface with grass on top. Sod is sold in rolls, once you place the sod in the grass planting area you will instantly get a green yard. The success rate of planting grass really depends on the stage of soil preparation. If the soil is not suitable for the grass you are planting, the growth will not be optimal and will not be successful.

Site preparation

The first thing you have to provide is a grass planting location. Below are the stages of preparing the land for your grass.

The first step:

After determining the location where you will grow seedless grass, now you must prepare the location. Remove all basic grass roots, weeds, rocks and debris from the planting area.

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Step two:

Take soil samples from 5 different places, take about 2 cups, put them in a plastic bag and bring the soil samples to the laboratory. Its purpose is to test soil, pH and nutrients present. Get information at the local cooperative office where you need to deliver the land.

Third step:

After obtaining the soil test results, then you should rotate the soil about 4 inches, and put any recommended soil under the original soil. You can add just about 2 inches of other soil such as organic soil or animal manure. Rake the ground to smooth it out and make it ready for sod grass or sod.

How to Plant Sprigs

How to Grow Grass Without Seed

The first step:

Dig a groove in the ground 1.5 inches deep with a distance of about 5 inches. For this task you can use a hoe

second step:

For every 1000 feet of land you provide, buy about 5 bushels of sprigs. Leave space between each stalk that is planted.

Third step:

Then fill the grooves with a thin layer of soil, leaving a few sprigs open.

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Step four:

If you have planted the sprigs, now strengthen the sprigs and make good contact between the stalks (sprigs) and the soil. You can use a lawn roller in the planting area.

Step five:

Watered beds that have been planted should be water 2-4 inches deep. Pay attention to the location where the grass is planted to keep it moist until a green lawn forms. After that, start applying fertilizer, and follow the grass cutting if it is getting tall.

How to Laying Sod

How to Grow Grass Without Seed

This is if you plant grass with the Sod method. Follow these steps

The first step:

Before ordering Sod, you must first measure the size of the land area where you are planting grass. Then after ordering and the sod arrives, immediately plant it in the land and location, the roots of Sod dry quickly so that it takes a long time to grow, so it is very important to quickly put them in the location as soon as the sod arrives.

Second step:

Wet the ground first, then set the sod over it in a straight line. Put the pieces together, the pieces should touch each other.

Third step:

For planting around flowers or on irregular paths, cut the sod with a sharp knife. Cut to the size you need.

Step four:

After the first laying, start watering after 20 minutes of laying. Even if you haven’t finished all of the installation. Watering for 20 duration after planting is important to keep the sod roots alive and fresh. After everything has been watered, continue by following a schedule of watering, feeding, and mowing the grass when it is stretched, depending on the type of grass you are planting.

Step five

Then run the grass roller over it, the goal is to make the sod and soil stick well and get good contact.

That is how to plant grass without seeds, planting using sprigs or by using sod.