Grow Dahlias from Seed

How to Grow Dahlias from Seed

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How to grow dahlias? A question that my neighbors always ask. This time I will review it here for all, who knows if any of you want to know also about how to plant a beautiful dahlia.

For those who want to grow dahlias from seeds, you can plant or sow seeds in a green house or propagator in early spring or late winter. In ahir mai, beautiful plants will grow and are ready to be planted in the open, and dahlias will bloom this year.

Dahlias can be obtained at the seed market, you can choose the type and the one suitable for planting. Dahlia seeds, if planted late in winter, in spring you will see new plants emerge from your propagator.

What do you need to grow dahlia seeds?

  • Small pots or seeds
  • Peat or multi-use compost
  • Dahlias
  • Clear plastic bag
  • pencil and label

Please follow the step by step process of planting the dahlias below:

The first stage:

Put moist compost into the seed tray or pot, tighten the surface of the tray. Next, insert the dahlias seeds and gently push with your fingers into the compost. Label the pot to find out information about your seeds. The pot is covered with a bubbly plastic bag, reinforcing the plastic with a rubber band. If you sow seeds in the propagator, cover the surface with the propagator cover.

Grow Dahlias from Seed
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Second stage:

Dahlias will germinate in a few weeks. If the original leaves have grown, then it’s time to transfer the seeds from the seedlings to the individual pots. gently pull it from the ground by holding it to the stem close to the leaf.

Grow Dahlias from Seed

Third phase:

Transfer dahlia dqari seedlings to a 10 cm pot, use compost, peat, and moisturize. When it is in the middle of the month of Mai, you can put the plant outdoors during the day and bring it in when it’s late.

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Grow Dahlias from Seed

If the dahlias are in bloom, let them bloom until you get a new seed that you can collect. Store it in folded newspaper, and you can sow it in February. From here you will get many types of dahlias ready to spoil your eyes.