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How to grow cucumbers is interesting to look at because this is a multi-benefit vegetable. One of the benefits of cucumbers is as an anti-inflammatory drug, which is why it is widely used in a variety of beauty herbs including facial masks. Cucumbers include creeping vegetables and how to plant also easy and fast harvests.

Cucumbers are also quite popular as vegetables in addition to salads, sandwiches and burgers. In addition, cuke are also very enjoyable to make additional in consuming sushi. So, the discussion this time about cucumbers is quite interesting to watch and learn so you can also plant cucumbers and can produce their own cuke from the garden beside the house.

How to Grow Cucumbers in Garden

Cucumbers are also a good ingredient for making pickles, so not only try pickled pickles, paprika, but they are also crispy and delicious to consume as pickles.

Ok, let’s just learn how to grow cucumbers (vegetables with crispy oval fruit), which is technically called a fruit because it has seeds, but it is popular as a vegetable that is often in the kitchen.

From India to Spain to the US

The University of Arizona states that cucumbers are vegetables originating from India, and are popular there as a cooling spice served. Cucumber is the main ingredient that must be present.

In his journey to search for India and eastern India, Christopher Columbus not only discovered Haiti but also many sources mention that Christopher Columbus was the first person to distribute cucumbers in this part of the world.

Cucumber fruit in its history, from Hispaniola brought to the north, and this fruit has been consumed for a long time. But unfortunately, in the 1600s this fruit was once considered a poisonous fruit.

Long and Green, Round and Yellow

There are two main types of cucumbers and the both are very tempting our taste.


This type is a table cukes, usually we enjoy it in salads and soups. There are cucumbers that contain seeds and some that do not contain seeds. The type that has no seeds is called “burpless”, this type has no compound cucurbitacin that causes belching.


This type is shorter and harder, skin is thinner and allows pickles to be absorbed better.

Now there are more profitable types of cucumbers that have been developed by farmers. This is Burpless # 26 Hybrid, and ‘Spacemaster 80,’ this cucumber can be adapted to various climates.

For those of you who like to cultivate cucumbers, you can see the source, Mountain Valley Seed Co. is a good source for all types of cucumbers, there are even many other types of plants that can arouse your gardening enthusiasm.


If we learn about how to grow cucumbers, we have to know about when to begin and where. Best time for planting cucumbers is when winter has passed, in spring is a good time to start planting your cucumbers. Try not to plant cucumbers in areas with cold temperatures up to 70 ° F.

Place this plant in a sunny place as much as 8 to 10 hours.

The best place to grow cucumbers is sandy soil, but you can also plant them in well-drained soil. The best growth for cucumbers is low soil acidity, soil acidity ranges from pH 5.8 to 6.5.

Cucumbers are vines that require a large space to move, they can spread everywhere. You can install poles or twigs so that it creeps on it.

Squirrel like to Cuke Too

Planting cucumbers from seeds is very easy, this is the only way that is done everywhere. Growing it from seed is the best alternative, it grows very fast so there is no reason not to start it.

Unless your area squirrels dig up the seeds and eat them many times. This is your challenge, and must be eradicated. See how to get rid of squirrels naturally.

grow cucumber from seeds

Plant cucumber seeds about 1/2 inch and in about 5 to 10 days it will germinate. Plant transplants two feet apart in rows 4 feet apart. When transplanting, don’t damage the roots because they can be dangerous for cucumber growth. Transplants are done when there are two true leaves (not the first leaf coming out).

To maintain moisture and prevent weed growth, use thick organic mulch. You can use straw as mulch, wood chips and others.

Cuke Care

Cucumber treatment is not as hard as one might imagine, these vines have deep-rooted roots, and have shallow roots. So, we must keep the soil moisture next to the stem, so that the roots remain moist and healthy. Watering can be done twice a week or when the soil will dry. If possible you can use drip irrigation, this will keep the soil moist.

Cucumber watering must be regular and consistent. If not, then the bad growth will eventually cause a bitter fruit taste. Another treatment that must be done is to keep no weeds from the bottom, but do not hoe because it can cause disturbances in shallow roots.

USU recommends the use of nitrogen fertilizer (21-0-0). Its application after growing branches but not yet flowering. Use 1/4 cup for 10 feet away between rows.

cucumber time for flowering

How to Treat from Aphids

It is important to know, especially for farmers who grow cucumbers. Not only is incense the plant disease, but there are also aphids. This can be controlled with an insecticide soap, or can spray water strongly. If you plant beetles, it often requires strict care.

Powdery mildew – In addition to aphids there are also other pests, namely flour mushrooms. This disease is characterized by the appearance of white on old leaves. If you often see this disease appearing on farmer’s land, then try to plant varieties that are resistant to this disease, choose resistant varieties.

Leaf wilt disease also occurs, this can be tangylangi with fungicides.

If your cucumber has dwarf leaves on light green leaves, deformed, mottled, spotted, this might be a virus attack. You must destroy plants that are badly affected.

Plant diseases such as leaf viruses can spread from one stem to another, so destroy if you see the impact is strong.

Cucumber Harvest Time: It’s Time to Enjoy

Usually, cucumbers can be harvested within 50 days to up to 70 days. Cucumbers can be harvested quickly, usually 8 to 10 after the female flowers open.


If it’s been ten days from the start to bear fruit, it’s time to harvest. Cut using a sharp knife on the stem that is still green. Don’t let the cucumber grow old (marked in yellow). If it’s too old, the fruit will taste bitter or not fresh.

Experts suggest that we pick cucumbers early in the day, this is to prevent bitter. Also, harvest regularly to encourage plants to continue bearing fruit. Plants that are not harvested will experience less productive growth.

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After getting the cuke, the slices are stored on the refrigerator shelf for up to three days. If you like pickled cucumbers, you’re lucky, it’s a little longer, and doesn’t need cooling.