Gold Mound Spirea Plant

Gold Mound Spirea Plant Profile: How to Grow it

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Gold Mound spirea is a shrub like Foxtail Ferns. This plant is valued for its bright golden leaves in the spring and these gradually change in the summer. Spring is a wonderful time for this plant. Unlike the case with several other shrubs that sometimes bloom more in the summer. The Gold Mound Spirea plant grows better and healthier to a height of 3-4 feet.

In the USA, Gold Mound Spirea does well in zones 4-8, it is the most commonly grown shrub in America. There are other varieties that are of interest there, namely Goldflame spirea and Crimson Pygmy barberry.

The clustered flowers also add to the attractiveness of this plant, apart from its golden leaves it also looks valuable to its crazy eyes from the side of its bright pink flowers in late spring.

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How to Grow Gold Mound Spirea

If you are growing Gold Mound Spirea to enjoy its beautiful leaves, you can have this moment twice a year. Spring and autumn, April you enjoy the new leaves, while other new leaves appear in October with a reddish yellow color. Meanwhile the light pink beauty of the Gold Mound Spirea plant will appear in late spring.


What about the light on this plant? If possible, this plant likes full sun but it also does well in indirect shade.

If the planting is not in a sunny place, the leaves will be less attractive in color. So, for that golden yellow hue of the Gold Mound Spiream plant, plant it where it will get full light.


Gold Mound Spirea likes well-draining soil, which is why it should have good drainage. However, Gold Mound plants can also live on clay compared to other shrubs. Mix the soil with compost to enrich soil nutrients.

If you are growing it in zones 4-5, then mulching is important to protect the plants in winter. To stay safe, this plant is good for planting to temperatures of -30 F.

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When entering summer, Gold Mound Spirea should be watered thoroughly. However, don’t let too much water stagnate on the stems. It is a plant in dry places, meaning it dislikes getting too wet.

Gold Mound Spirea Plant


Apart from regular irrigation, he also needs fertilizer so he can live healthily and optimally. After applying the fertilizer, make sure you water it thoroughly with water.


Gold Mound Spirea plants are more suitable for use as a specimen plant or used as a bush foundation, and as a hedge plant. For those of you with butterflies, this is one type of plant that butterflies usually perch on.

Variants of Spiraea japonica that have golden yellow leaves and are suitable for planting in zone 4 and have pink flowers are as follows:

  • Magic Carpet, is ideal for planting in a small yard, only about 2 feet high. It will spread 2-3 feet wide.
  • Golden Elf, this type of Spiraea japonica is smaller than the magic carpet plant. He is only about 1-2 feet tall.
  • Lemon Princess, is a suitable plant for planting in your yard with golden leaves and pink flowers. It is only 1.5 to 2 feet high and spreads up to 2 to 3 feet.
  • Double Play Gold, a plant in Spiraea japonica with a height of 1.5 to 2 feet and a spreading area of ​​up to 3-4 feet.
  • The Golden Princess, is also an attractive and worthy ornament, being only 2 to 3 feet tall and spreading up to 4 feet.


Gold Mound Spirea is a plant that ages quickly and when the spread is too large, we recommend pruning it. This pruning requires us to shave off the branches and shoots.

With this pruning, the Gold Mound Spirea will be stimulated again to produce new branches and new leaves that are more beautiful and color like gold. The pruning process is also part of the stimulus to rejuvenate branches and remove any suckers that may stick to these plants. If you decide to trim, then consider the timing. The best time for pruning is during late spring or early spring, this will encourage the plant to bloom again, so you don’t miss these beautiful flowers.

Not all of these shrubs support this pruning system. So, don’t just prune your shrubs. But there are those who support and like pruning like the Gold Mound Spirea plant.