How To Get Rid of Bed Bugs

This is How To Get Rid of Bed Bugs that You should Know

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How to get rid of bed bugs – Today in the United States there are many places where bed bugs appear, this means that many of them do not sleep well at home. The existence of bed bugs is very worrying because they can reduce our rest time so that our health is disturbed. An entomologist, Richard Pollack, Ph.D., found that less than 10% of creatures identified as bed bugs are bed bugs. So thus, he does not believe the content of the website which states about bed bugs in hotels.

To avoid bed bugs in our homes, we have to watch every animal that comes to the house or even every guest who comes. So, we need to know a few things about the following bed bugs.

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Where do Bed Bugs Come From?

Do you know how these bed bugs come to your house? Actually, there are many ways to come home, for example by leaning on your suitcase when you come home from traveling.

There are many ways these bed bugs get to your home, they can get on your clothes, on your home furniture, pillows, boxes. So check the items you want to bring home. Before the goods or products that you buy you bring home, choose products that are still neatly wrapped, which can not be infested by bedbugs, because they are likely to inhabit your new product so they can occupy your house in the next phase.

So, to prevent bed bugs we must know how to avoid them and minimize their coming to the house.

What attracts bed bugs

Bed bugs are in your place for only one factor. He doesn’t care whether your house is neat or not, but what matters to them is there is food. Bed bug food is you, or your pet. But not too dangerous, because there is no clear threat of disease. They usually bite and suck blood, and cause itchy, red patches.

Do bed bugs bite your clothes?

Unfortunately, bed bugs not only bite you directly, they can also bite you in your clothes. So, if you wear your clothes you notice that there are a lot of bites in the morning, this is a sign that it is their bite, and possibly under your clothes. That was explained by David Dunham of Go Green Bedbug Dogs.

When a person is bitten by a bed bug, the reactions that appear are different from one another. This reaction depends on a person’s health condition. So, the signs can be different between you and your partner. If you are not experienced with bed bug bites, then you should find out how to get rid of them.

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How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

1. Don’t wait too long to call in a professional for bed bugs. If you wait too long, this is your biggest mistake. Once laying bed bugs can fill your home. So, as soon as possible you should contact a professional.

If using a professional, get a written quote of the actions they took, including the pesticides used, traps, or heat exertion they used. There are some people who think that an over the counter spray can be a solution. If a pyrethroid pesticide is used, it can kill and repel insects. However, this type is very dangerous if you use it wrong.

2. Experts say, you can ask a lot of questions to the company that you will use its services. A good company will answer all your questions and will not force you to enter into agreements with them. Ask how much success they have in getting rid of bed bugs, what is the guarantee if one day the bed bugs return. This is important so that you don’t feel lost with their work.

3. Pay attention to the side of your furniture, especially on the side of your bed or mattress. Usually the bedbugs settle on the sidelines of a mattress or wooden bed. Look for dark patches of blood that have dried or look for layers of skin, as they have partially replaced the skin.

4. Seal bedbug infected clothes or bedding in plastic. Then when cleaning bed bugs, sort your items one by one, and wash them clean using detergent. Dry clothes in the hottest temperatures.

5. Some insects will die in the washing machine, but many are destroyed by using the dryer. New York State Integrated Pest Management says that at least 60 minutes should use the dryer on the highest heat setting. Then, the plastic bag resulting from the infected cloth is immediately discarded or burned.

6. Next, the way to get rid of bed bugs is to thoroughly clean the shelves, furniture, floors, carpets, any gaps that are suspicious as bed bugs. After everything is vacuumed, remove the dirt in the vacuum into the sealed plastic.