Effective Home-Made Fruit Fly Traps

5 Effective, Home-Made Fruit Fly Traps

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Home-made fruit fly traps – Have you ever found your room or kitchen full of fruit flies. Of course you immediately want to eradicate it or they immediately go far. On this article we provide some pro tips and trick for getting rid of fruit fly naturally.

Maybe you’ve been looking for various ways on Google, but it hasn’t worked. Don’t worry, because we have also experienced fruit flies and we managed to make our own fruit fly traps and managed to repel flies. Want to know how, let’s continue reading this article until it’s complete. You also can refer to our article on this one, How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies

Out there, there are many products that can be used to get rid of fruit flies, but don’t be tempted yet. if there is a natural way why should use dangerous or chemical methods.

This time we will look at how to make a fruit fly trap at home. You can find ways like on the internet. There are many ways that can be taken, if you want to know what we make, please follow this article. We will tell you how to make effective and easy fruit fly traps.

How To Get Rid of Fruit Flies in Your House Naturally?

If your room or kitchen becomes a den of fruit flies, then the first thing you should know is why fruit flies like your place.

Ok, if you don’t know the solution because you don’t know the exact problems and causes, read on this article until you know how to make effective fruit fly traps to eradicate them at home.

Are Fruit Flies Attracted to Sugar?

An assumption is that fruit flies like sweets or sugary foods. So, it’s natural that there are so many fruit flies in your room or kitchen. These pests are very fond of glucose and they pursue it wherever there is food that is high in glucose.

Now, we can make our own traps, we will set a trap by giving a little sugar food. Fruit flies that are your enemy, will now come to your trap that you have sprinkled with some sugar or glucose.

fruit flies are creatures that really like sweet fruit. But what they were really looking for was a fruit that was completely ripe and damaged.

When organic matter begins to rot, fruit flies will usually spend fermentation. So these insects look for food that has really decomposed.

Because fruit flies like grapes, so many flies we see fly in the environment of wine, beer and apple juice.

Where do fruit flies come from?

Fruit flies can appear and develop well throughout the summer, they will enter the house if our house is in this condition:

  • Doors open or windows open
  • Minute cracks in the structure of the house
  • Perch of the products we carry from the store

Fruit flies are very troublesome, moreover it reproduces very quickly. If we leave it at home without killing it, it will always be there before it dies naturally. So it is important to make fruit fly traps naturally so as to eliminate those who get lost at home.

You bought a fly trap from the shop, here are a few caveats

There are many reasons for someone to buy a fly trap at the store, either because they cannot make it themselves, or because they want something more practical, etc.

Usually, most fruit fly traps are made from natural ingredients. It’s actually the same as what you use in the trap you made yourself.

In fact, if you buy traps from chemicals, flies will not approach, they don’t like chemicals, they like the natural ingredients in your kitchen.

Furthermore, the pitfalls you buy in stores are more expensive than you make yourself from home. From these considerations, we prefer to make our own fly traps from home, which are safer, cheaper and more effective in capturing many fruit flies.

1. Using White Vinegar For Fruit Fly Removal

Vinegar is a magic ingredient for catching fruit flies. If you are looking for ways to catch fruit flies on the internet, then you will find many ways to use vinegar. The use of vinegar is an effective way to catch a lot of fruit flies hanging around your house, they really like the smell.

Home-Made Fruit Fly Traps

Why do fruit flies like vinegar?

Vinegar is the best food for fruit flies, this is a fully fermented organic material. Fruit flies always love the acidity of natural ingredients, they certainly can’t hold their aroma.

For fruit flies, vinegar functions as Kryptonite: Flies will fly directly to the vinegar spot, and they will submerge themselves in the vinegar liquid, and try to consume it through their mouths.

The Best Fruit Fly Trap with White Vinegar

To make the perfect trap for fruit flies, the ingredients you need are vinegar and plastic. You can use a jar, and the lid, but in terms of bare-bones traps, this is not needed.

  1. Put a little white vinegar into the glass and cover the surface of the glass with plastic
  2. Puncture the plastic cover with a puncture, make a few holes so that the aroma of vinegar comes out, in the middle make a bigger hole so the lalt can enter.
  3. Drop a few drops of dish soap in vinegar, this acts as glue
  4. They will follow the source of the odor, but they will not find their way back, and eventually die in the glass.

If using a jar with a lid, plug the lid to make a hole.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar To Kill Fruit Flies

Not all vinegar is the same in the eyes of fruit flies, one of the great vinegars to kill fruit flies is apple cider vinegar. This is a perfect choice, making vinegar has already passed through refining. White vinegar can be used as a fruit fly trap, but if you use apple cider vinegar, flies will like it more.

  • Make a trap as we explained in method number 1, make a glass or jar covered with plastic.
  • This is a fun experiment for children, try to make a trap with white vinegar and another with apple cider vinegar.
  • Put these two traps on opposite sides of your room or kitchen, look at which traps can catch more flies in a day.

3 More Homemade Hacks to Banish Fruit Flies

We have already learned the two ways above to catch fruit flies. Now there are two other ways you can try to make fruit fly traps.

Indeed vinegar is one effective way to catch flies, but this is not the only way. There are other ways you can make it as a fly trap. for those of you who don’t have vinegar at home, this seems very suitable for you to try.

3. Make a Fruit Peel Jar

Methods such as using vinegar above, this homemade fruit fly trap utilizes the sense of smell of flies, and this can make them trapped.

This trap you can make in a glass, jar even you can use tupperware container.

Take the pieces of fruit that you discarded like a banana peel, avocado peel, strawberry top, apple center, etc. Enter into the container that you have provided.

Cover the container with plastic, and make holes to remove the odor from the rest of the fruit. In the middle, make a hole that is rather large so that the fruit fly can enter, after a few hours, see how many fruit flies are trapped inside.

4. Use a Wine Bottle

Using a wine bottle is really very easy, you don’t need to do anything, just a bottle of wine, flies like the bottle because of the smell of wine.

Next time, every time you drink wine, leave the bottle to make as a trap for fruit flies.

Fruit flies like all types of grapes, be they Cabernet Sauvignon or Chenin Blanc, fruit flies will go into an open wine bottle and dive into it, you just have to pay attention to this magical situation.

5. A Trap for the Ages

Have you ever heard of the past farmer’s almanac.

A problem in the 1800s, this fruit fly trap trick emerged.

  • How to make this trap is very simple. Simply boil a glass of milk, a cup of sugar, half a cup of raw pepper on the stove.
  • If everything is cold, put the mixture into a bowl, and place it on the table.
  • That’s the way, what happens next?

Fruit flies will taste the fermentation of sugar in milk, and pepper. This is very effective for trapping flies, and clogging their mouths with thick granules.

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The Bottom Line

The presence of fruit flies is very disturbing, and this really makes a family feel uncomfortable. But by making the right traps, we can easily repel and kill fruit flies.

Give the fly what it likes, this way it will be very easy for you to kill it and make your house free of flies.

Indeed, fruit flies are always looking for loopholes to come, but you should know that you are smarter by making homemade fruit fly traps, they are definitely helpless with you.