Foxtail Ferns

Foxtail Asparagus Ferns – How to Take Care of Foxtail Fern

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Foxtail asparagus ferns is an unusual ornamental plant, unique and has its own charm to decorate your garden. The green flowers are perfect for your landscape. Asparagus ferns is related to Asparagus densivelorus, it is a plant in the lily family. Here we will find out how to care for Foxtail ferns to decorate your home garden.

About Foxtail Ferns

In fact, Foxtail ferns are not true ferns. This plant reproduces from seeds and not from spores. However, the name “fern” is probably due to its similar shape to the fern plant. That’s why they are called Foxtail ferns.

Foxtail asparagus ferns is an unusual plant, it looks symmetrical. The leaves are tight and the fur is curved, it looks like a needle but is soft and small or smooth. When the flowers bloom, you will see a beautiful white spread across the lawn, and these flowers will produce red berries. This plant is fragile and you have to be careful with it. In fact, it is not the same as a real fern, it is a strong and tough plant.

Foxtail Fern fruit berry

Foxtail asparagus ferns grow well without the need for maximum care. Once planted, Foxtail ferns will withstand drought. Maintenance is easy and you don’t need to worry about this, we will explain how to care for Foxtail ferns below.

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How to Take Care of a Foxtail Fern

Plant this foxtail fern outdoors but in a completely protected area. If you are in a hot zone, avoid planting Foxtail ferns in a place that is well covered by the afternoon sun. You just need to get this plant to get the morning sun.

If planted in a pot, this will really help you to move it. You can move from one place to another. Likewise, if planted indoors, you must place it in a place exposed to the morning sun. However, remember! this plant does well in excessive sun exposure.

If you enter the dry season, Foxtail Fern plants should be watered occasionally. These ferns need to be fertilized when their leaves appear yellow. So, if you get yellowing leaves, immediately apply fertilizer to keep the plant’s nutritional stability. You need to apply fertilizer usually in the spring. Keep the soil slightly moist.

Before doing your next watering, make sure the soil around 3 inches at the top is dry. The Foxtail asparagus ferns plant is also known as the ponytail fern or emerald fern.

If the stem is yellowing, you will need to prune the stem as needed. It aims to encourage the growth of new shoots of Foxtail ferns.

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The ripe fruit of the foxtail ferns contains seeds, and these seeds can be used to propagate plants. If you want to grow this plant instead of seed, you can start it in spring too. Plant the roots until they are completely covered in the ground. Tubers can grow at the top of the soil, especially if the plants are too dense in pots.

For best growth, Foxtail ferns prefer moderately saline soils, so when planted by the sea this is great. With a little attention to the Foxtail asparagus ferns planting technique, you can definitely have it in the landscape behind the house or side of the house.