Fairy Castle Cactus

How to Grow Fairy Castle Cactus and Care It

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Fairy Castle Cactus – Acanthocereus tetragonus, this plant formerly known as Cereus tetragonus. It is a tall species of cactus species, columnar cactus is native to southern Florida, and from the Lower Rio Grande Valley, Texas in the United States, Central America, Mexico, Mexico , The Caribbean, and in northern South America.

About Fairy Castle Cactus

Acanthocereus tetragonus is a popular plant with the name “Fairy Castle”, commonly referred to as “Fairy Castle Cactus”, this is a type of mini cactus and is unique with many branches and is curved like a castle tower. Plant experts classify this plant as a cultivar of Cereus hildmannianus, which is also a popuker by the name of Cereus hildmannianus f. monstruosus ‘Fairy Castle’. Amazing is not it! This is not an ordinary plant but there is an interesting naming side.

Small cactus plants that grow taller are actually not too tall. Fairy Castle Cactus is a plant that is very slow growing and its height reaches only 6 feet or about 1.8 m. The stem consists of five sides with wool spines along the stem area. The color of the trunk is green when it is young and when it gets older, the color changes with time until it is brown and woody.

the flower of Fairy Castle Cactus

Its branches grow long over time and can form a variety of interesting silhouettes to see. This plant rarely blooms, if you are lucky, you will see white or yellow flowers or other. Fairy Castle Cactus is a large plant and we are usually 10 years old.

This cactus is easy to care for. Fairy Castle Cactus is one type of cactus that is often used as an ornament on the inside of the house. It is often sold to beginners. If you like these plants, you can get them easily in garden centers, online stores like Amazon, or even in flower shops around your neighborhood. This plant is usually sold with yellow flowers that are pinned to the stem with glue, you can disappear this flower slowly or let it fall out alone when the plant grows taller.

How to Grow and Care for Fairy Castle Cactus

Like most other flowering plants, the katus known as “Fairy Castle Cactus” is a plant that requires full sun with well-drained soil. This type of cactus can grow well in pots prepared with sandy growing media or has good porosity because it does not like standing water.

You can place Fairy Castle Cactus in areas where there is no sun barrier and no wind. How to flush is by pouring water into a pot until the water comes out of the holes in the bottom of the pot, then do not water unless the soil is dry.

Watering the cactus with excessive water can make its growth disrupted and die quickly.

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Love the best fertilizer specifically for cactus in the spring when plants begin to grow again. Give food every month, but if it goes winter, hold it back and give fertilization again in the next season.


This type of cactus plant needs a lot of space on the ground as a place for spreading its roots. You have to change the pot every year, this is due to the growth of roots that fill the pot, so you need another medium to accommodate the growth of the roots.

So, repotting must be done every year or when the root growth has passed the pot.

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Fairy Castle Cactus can be easily bred with cuttings. You only need to cut the branches and replant in well-drained soil. It will grow slowly, the watery condition of the plant allows it to grow easily even without watering much.

Fairy Castle Cactus propagation

After cutting the stems, let stand all day so that the ends of the stem dry, this is the goal to facilitate the release of the roots. So, the planting system is the same as planting dragon fruit plants that require good drainage and limited watering. Avoid being inundated by the roots because they are so fast.

That’s how to plant Fairy Castle Cactus, and how to care for it. For those of you who like this plant you can get it at many online stores including Amazon.