How To Drill a Brick Wall

8 Steps, How To Drill a Brick Wall

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How To Drill a Brick Wall – If you want to drill a brick wall, then you have to prepare expertise, if not then you will be disappointed because of the damage to your wall. Ok, read on this guide to get skills in drilling brick walls.

Hopefully, after reading this short article, you can already practice drilling a brick wall well.

1. Plan the Hole

Before you drill a hole in a brick wall, you must make a plan for the size of the hole you want to make. Usually, wall drilling is to install bolts that are useful for holding something or you are trying to make a buffer on the wall.

So, you have to measure the extent of the thickness of the brick wall so that you can prepare the appropriate drill bit. So you have to measure the width and depth of the bolt that you are using.

Pay attention to this, you have to make a hole in your wall a little bigger than the size of the item you are going to put in it.

2. Use the appropriate drill bit

If you already know the size of the eye and the length of the eye you will use, then attach your drill. If you drill a rock, you need an electric drill. This is important because your concrete drill material is strong. If you don’t have a hefty drill, then think about borrowing it from your neighbors for a while.

3. Make a mark on the wall

Before punching holes in the wall, first make a sign. Note that there are no cables in the concrete, no water or gas pipes, and try to drill through mortar cement, not directly through the brick. So, drilling through brick crevices is easier and this can also prevent the brick from breaking or breaking.

4. Equip yourself with a safety device

Working with a drill has risks, so you must minimize this risk by wearing safety equipment. Dinatara that you must use are equipment such as glasses, safety equipment, gloves and dust masks. You must be familiar with electric drills, make sure you have read all the guides in the electric drill tool kit.

5. Drill holes

If you want to drill a large hole, then you must first drill a small pilot. Place the small masonry on the power drill and drill carefully and slowly, and make a hole in the place you marked earlier.

If you drill a hole from small to medium, you can drill bricks, and adjust the size.

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6. Cool the bit

If we drill with mortar, this is very pressing on the electric drill that we use. Even high-powered mortars.
Drilling through mortar is stressful on a power drill, even a high-powered one. Well, when you drill, it usually gets hot very quickly, and you have to cool it down. Then place a bucket of water near you so you can quickly cool the beets.

If it cools by dipping in water, do it carefully so that your drill does not enter the water, because you only need to cool the bits, not the drill.

7. Free the beet if it is stuck

Usually, when we drill, we usually have a drill bit stuck on the wall. If you experience this, you must release it carefully. Try for the first time you flip the beets, if this doesn’t work then you have to dig through the bricks to get them off.

If this happens, digging into a brick will cause the brick to break, if you can avoid it, avoid this because it can complicate your problem.

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8. Seal the hole

The final step, when you have finished drilling, cover the loose part of the wall by caulking it. This is to cover the walls to look neat and beautiful.

That’s the way to drill the brick walls in your home. Hopefully the procedures that we provide can inspire you all.