Door Threshold and a Door Sill

The Difference Between a Door Threshold and a Door Sill?

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Do you install your own door or buy a finished door and you install it yourself? If you are a person working in the home improvement department, of course you already know the difference between door threshold and door sill. Ok, we will explain the difference between the two.

For those of you who don’t know the difference between the threshold and the door sill, please refer to this short article to the end. Some people say that the two are the same or there is no difference. In fact there are certain dictionaries which make the deviation between the two alternately, in the sense that both are considered to be the same meaning.

However, most of you standard separates the second understanding, each has its own meaning (different from one another).

Ok, let’s take a look at the following difference between the door threshold and the door sill.

Door Threshold and a Door Sill

1. Door Sill

On the door frame, the Sill is the part of the door frame that extends along the bottom and I sit directly on the foundation of your floor. This is a cross section that really complements the door frame that was installed first. The real sill is under your threshold.

The door seal needs to be sealed to prevent water damage. For sealing, you can use epoxy paint and close the gap with a silicone caulk. A screen door also helps fight and reduce bad weather from outside.

If you want to change the sill, you must first remove the threshold. The sill can be removed easily using equipment such as a crowbar or using a hammer.

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2. Door Threshold

Threshold of a door can be made with metal or using wood. This is a cross section that extends at the bottom of the area of ​​your door. This part is slightly raised or raised so that water cannot enter. Usually, this section is equipped with a piece of weather stripping to protect the bottom of your door. The threshold is at the top of the sill.

Some thresholds have been fixed so that they can fit on the doorway. Before installation, the new threshold will need to have notches on its ends, and this must match the old threshold. After being placed in that place, you have to caulk the part to form a seal and protection from cold and hot weather.