Cellulose sponge

Cellulose Sponge: Uses and Disadvantages

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Cellulose sponge, what’s interesting? Cellulose is the part that makes up most of the plant cell walls. It is an organic compound made by all plants and it is an abundant organic compound. You could say that cellulose is the main ingredient that makes up plants. But the benefits are not only for the plants themselves, now with sophisticated technology they can be made into several household items such as sponges and others.

Cellulose sponges that are bought and sold are a form of cleaning sponge that is commonly used. It is oval and rectangular and comes in a variety of bright colors. Pure cellulose sponges are not widely available in the market such as plastic sponges, besides that the price is rather expensive.

Cellulose sponge is more environmentally friendly and it is made from wood fibers. In addition, this sponge is also healthier and more dangerous, such as the plastic sponge which is made through the process of breaking down waste. If you want to buy a cellulose sponge, look for one with 100% cellulose content and no polyester.

Materials Used

Cellulose sponge is made from wood fiber or wood pulp and it has small holes in it. This hole is useful for holding water so it is very practical for cleaning watery materials. Cellulose sponge has a soft and flexible shape. Before using it for the first time, rinse and clean your sponge first.

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As we all know that cellulose sponge is a form of sponge made of wood pulp and it is able to hold and absorb liquid well. So, the use of cellulose sponges is very effective in bathrooms and dining tables to clean up any spilled liquid.

To get more use, you can even cut the sponge to the size you want.


Although there are many advantages, cellulose sponges also have disadvantages, such as tending to trap particles and residues. So, this material is difficult to rinse completely. Every time we use it, maybe we can’t rinse it off until it’s like new.

The sticky particles stuck to the cellulose sponge will continue to increase and this can shorten the life of the sponge. So, cellulose sponges are not allowed to be used in wiping raw meat or raw eggs, it is due to bacteria in the food. So when it comes to things that are bacteria, disposable sponges are the solution and the best choice.

How to clean cellulose sponges

If you have used a cellulose sponge, then rinse it thoroughly and dry it well in the open. You can also keep the sponge clean by heating it in the microwave for a few seconds. However, your sponge must be wet, otherwise it will burn in the microwave, be careful!

There is a study that states that a wet sponge that is heated in the microwave for 2 minutes can (use 1000 watts of power), can remove coliforms, E. coli, and MS2 phages by up to 90%. Meanwhile, to kill the Bacillus cereus bacteria, it took 4 minutes in the microwave.

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Cellulose Wipes

There is also the name cellulose cleaner, this is another form of sponge that is specialized for cleaning cellulose sponges. Use this cleaning sponge instead of paper towels to dust the cellulose sponge. This sponge can be used several times if cared for properly.